X-Ray scanner app for mobile

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First of all, the X-Ray scanner app for mobile is just a way of having fun with friends and family, it does not help with real injuries. 

Every day all kinds of app are created and this is another one of them. 

This way, the X-ray app is a fun alternative for generating images and effects similar to the ones from the hospital

It is very important to highlight that this app does not work as a real medical analysis instrument

To be clear, its only purpose is to entertain

On the other hand, there are serious apps in this area, their aim is to decrease exposure to radiation

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Such apps are very efficient to help medical school and radiology students memorize all kinds of information. 

Regarding the help this app provides, it shows the fracture and points out the symptoms. 

This way, the student has to close the diagnosis and choose the best treatment for the patient.  

Similarly, nowadays we can count on Digital radiology, which came to make our lives easier as a great innovation for medicine. 

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When it comes to geographical distance, doctors on vacation or any other situation in which patient or doctor can’t be present. 

The case can be solved through a cellphone or computer. 

By making clinical reports for X-raysMRIs, among others. 

Thus, such apps became a great allied to solve the distance problem. 

Below we will show you some X-ray apps for you to have some fun with friends. 

X-Ray Scanner simulator: 

The X-Ray Scanner simulator came as one of the first tests released in the famous app platforms. 

As a result, it became viral among users. 

As not many people knew about the release of this app, the majority of users and friends were fooled, leading to lots of fun

The app is available for download just for iPhone (iOS) users and it is free. 

This way, once you download the app, you just have to access your cellphone camera

Pointing it to the specific body part you want to see the bones on screen

The result appears in just a few seconds. 

It is also possible to include many types of accessories over the image, such as nails or even spiders. 

Parasites X-ray Scanner Prank: 

This app is wild and your friends will love it. 

That is because when you move the cellphone with the app along your body, it shows some parasites walking. Awesome, right? 

X-Ray scanner app for mobile
X-Ray scanner app for mobile

This way, you can simulate different parts of the human body

Such as handsfeet, and head

The users interested in the app should move the cellphone horizontally, to the sides, and back and forth. 

It is free and available both for Android and iOS (iPhone) systems. 

After you finish downloading the app, you will see that it has its own camera. 

By using the camera and moving it through your friend’s body, you can already see some parasites walking on it. 

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As a result, you can have great moments with friends.  

Scaring them and laughing about it. 

Finally, if you have always wanted to have your own X-Ray to test on yourself and friends, now is the time. 

Turn your cellphone into a real X-Ray machine

Download the app and have fun with your friends and family

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