Learn how to create custom emojis, check it out.

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We know that currently there are different types of emojis on all social networks, how about create custom emojis?

If you can’t stand the same emojis anymore, know that you can create your stickers that have a model of your face using Gboard.

Being it the Google keyboard, creating models of different types of emojis from the camera of your mobile device, whether Android or iPhone (iOS).

To do this, it’s very simple. Just check out all the step-by-step instructions that we’ll show you in this post, available for free.

How to create stickers in Gboard

First of all, to create stickers, download the app on your Android smartphone or iPhone (iOS) for free.

Then tap “Enable in settings”, then Gboard will be configured and will start creating different types of emojis.

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Aprenda a criar emojis personalizados, confira.
Learn how to create custom emojis

Tap “Select Input Method” making Gboard your default keyboard.

Then select “done” finishing this first configuration to be able to start creating emojis.

In any messaging app, open Gboard to access the emoji options, then tap the emoji icon in the bottom left corner.

Next to stickers, select the “GIF” icon, choose the gear icon, which is the last option on the top bar.

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Go to “Search”, and select the “create” option, in this sense, custom emojis can now be created.

You will see that your device’s camera will open, allowing you to take photos or record videos.

To do this, place your face in the square located in the center of the screen, then tap the blue button and take your portrait.

From there, the emojis will be created according to their physical characteristics, to view them, go to “Show”.

To change all the factors that are available such as hair color, cut, eye color, skin color, or just add various accessories, go to “Customise”.

Doing this process, the customization screen will be visible. Add and change what you want, after done tap “save”, so that the added features are saved.

Now, once done, to send your personalized emojis to WhatsApp, just open Gboard and access the stickers icon.

Emoji Builder

Emoji Builder is nothing more than a website that allows you to create emojis from other familiar faces.

In this sense, the user can choose eye color, face shape, eyebrows and mouth.

And of course, add accessories.

Once done, your emoji can be downloaded in PNG format and shared on your social networks or chat apps.

The step by step is very simple, the app runs directly from the browser and with that, you don’t need to install or download it on your computer.

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Firstly, go to the Emoji Builder website and choose the type of face and its formats.

In the column on the right of the screen, the user can easily drag an item up or down and create custom emojis.

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