Turn your photo into an Avatar with the MojiPop app.

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Learn how to create your own Avatar with your cell phone, using the apps available for Android or iOS.

We know that photo-to-avatar transformations have taken over social media in recent times.

This facilitates the way to relate and communicate with friends and family in the digital environment.

That’s because the stickers end up making the conversation much more fun and funny.

In this sense, we can find different types of applications available to do this quickly and easily.

Here in this post, we will introduce MojiPop that allows the user to create an avatar from the scanner of your photo, making your avatar as similar as possible to you and with personalized traits.

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Check out the entire step-by-step guide on how to transform your photo into an avatar using the application’s functions.


The app is very popular and useful and contains over 1 million+ downloads and is available for free for Android and iPhone (iOS) users.

MojiPop transforms your image into a cartoon-style drawing.

Also, simulating different situations like smiling, waving, angry, or playing soccer.

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These situations can be applied to a photo from your smartphone’s own gallery.

Once ready, the caricature image can be saved in the device’s memory and shared on your social networks.

For example, Instagram or Facebook.

Turn your photo into an Avatar with the MojiPop app.
Turn your photo into an Avatar with the MojiPop app.

How to do

First off all, you must download the MojiPop app on your mobile device.

Once it opens, log in from your Facebook account, adding email, or phone number.

If you want access without having to log in, choose the option “Later”, which is in the upper right corner.

Soon after, your camera will be activated to be able to read your main features of the face.

To take a picture, tap screenshot, or go to the picture icon to upload a file from the gallery.

To change the front camera to the back, click on the button with circular arrows.

Right after easy recognition, just choose the avatar gender you want.

With this, the app itself will show you a preview of the figure, to proceed, go to “Next”.

To edit your avatar as you prefer, use the main menu, with it you can edit haircut, color, face shape, beard, nose, mouth and even include accessories.

Finally, click on “Save”.

The tool will show the result of your character and the various activities that you do in your day to day, including sleeping, playing football, looking in love, etc.

To see the options that are available, you will see that there are paid and free stickers.

To be able to share this sticker, tap the item you want then select the social network or just store the image in your cell phone memory by tapping the icon that represents the gallery.

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For iPhone users, this icon is a type of colored flower.

Now that your Avatar has been created, it’s time to start spreading it in your social media conversations, making these conversations much more fun.

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