Watch Football on your cell phone

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If you are a big fan of sports, see the best apps to watch Football. Continue on this post as you will have information that will be useful to you.

After all, in a short time you will notice that watching your games from wherever you are with the help of your cell phone is possible.

But, do you know the history of this sport?

American football or just football was created from early versions of Rugby.

These two sports have their origins in varieties of that football played in England in the mid-19th century, where a ball is kicked towards a goal and run so that it can pass a certain line on the field.

American Football has resulted in numerous differences from rugby, among the main changes are the introduction of the scrimmage line and rules of descent.

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We have separated a list of the platforms you need to have on your mobile device.

Discover now the best apps and websites available so you don’t miss anything that happens in your favorite sport.

Assista Futebol Americano de onde estiver pelo celular.
Watch Football on your cell phone

Direct Red

Coming up first on this list is Direct Red.

It is one of the most popular and widely used, as it is one of the applications that contain the simplest and easiest interface to administer.

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Available for users of the Android and iPhone (iOS) operating system, easily found in the Google Play Store and App Store.

With it, the user has access to numerous American Football championships.

Like, for example, the NFL or even the famous Super Bowl.

If you want, with Direct Red, you can find other modalities and check out other basketball, boxing, rugby, tennis, baseball, handball tournaments, among others.

In this sense, check the links that the app itself provides and follow your games via streaming.

Splive TV

Only available to Android and iOS users, the Split TV is also well used for watching American games.

The advantage of this platform is that it has a very complete list of channels of all types, such as Mivistar+, being one of those that broadcast the long-awaited NFL final.

To gain access, you just need a device with an internet connection, to be able to follow your games without any kind of problem and without paying anything for it.

Offering an incredible range of movies, series and radio, containing dozens of stations, allowing you to create channel lists in a personalized way.

365 scores

Last but not least, we have 365 Scores.

App available to watch American football games from wherever you are.

Available for users of the Android and iOS operating system, in addition to American football, the user has access to 10 other modalities.

For example, basketball, tennis, handball, volleyball, ice hockey, baseball, cricket, rugby, or follow all the news in the world. sporty.

Enjoy full coverage 24/7, featuring over 100 sports and 2000 competitions.

In addition to schedules, live scores, news and game statistics.

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With this, the user can take advantage of several applications and thus follow all the American games from their mobile device, tablet or Smart TV.

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