Apps to watch TV on mobile

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In this post, we will introduce you to the best apps to watch TV most used these days, worth checking out.

As we already know, we currently have numerous streaming services that offers us a multitude of content being television shows, movies, documentaries and others.

The most used are Netflix and also Amazon Prime Video.

But to get access to live programs, streaming services allow the user to watch live TV with their internet browser, many work with video game consoles, phones and other devices.

If you also like sports, some of the options offer a wide variety of channels specifically focused on this and offering great options.

We’ve listed some of the most commonly used apps to watch TV from wherever you are these days, check it out.

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Offering all networks with dozens of cable channels in additional form, it is well accessible to have this cost and coverage.

In this sense, the cost would be about $64.99 monthly for more than 85 channels.

Available for Android, iPhone (iOS), Roku, Apple, Xbox One, Smart Tv’s, Chromecast or PC users.

One of the differentials that YouTubeTv has, is the storage in its cloud of unlimited digital video recorder (DVR).

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With this, it should be said that the user can record as many shows as he wants, and then access them from any device mentioned above without any kind of extra charge.

The tool offers programs such as Cobra Kai, which is typically only available to YouTube Premium subscribers.

Direct TV Broadcast

Easy access application, no set top box required.

The value for accessing the tool can range from $69.99 for 65 channels, or $139.99 for more than 140 channels.

Contains HBO, Showtime, STARZ and Cinemax, available for users of Apple Tv, Fire TV, Android, iPhone(iOS), PC or Smart Tv compatible.

DirecTV can be an amazing replacement for your cable or satellite tv subscription.

It being the only streaming service that will come close to exceeding your expectations.

Available with internet connection and smart device.


If you’re a big sports fan, this is the app right for you.

With it the user will have a decent selection of live tv channels, and the main point of the service is the sport.

Available to watch sports channels in Spanish or Portuguese, does not work on VPNs.

Programmed for users of Android operating system, iPhone (iOS), Fire TV, Android TV, PC, Roku or Chromecast.

Contains additional DVR, Showtime, international sports package, cycling or adventure package storage.


Tool has customizable plans, and offers 50-hour cloud DVR (or 200 for an extra fee).

Contains sports package, kids, comedias, news packs or lifestyle.

Also Cinemax, HBO, Epix, NBA League Pass, packages for Spanish, Chinese, French among other languages.

Available for Android, iPhone(iOS), Apple TV, Xbox One, Fire TV, Chromecast, PC or Smart TDs.

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