Online pregnancy test: best applications

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Get to know the best online pregnancy test apps and take the guesswork out of whether or not you are expecting a baby.

Have you ever had doubts about being pregnant? This is certainly a time of great tension and expectation for women.

Therefore, taking an online pregnancy test is a great alternative that has been attracting more and more women.

This is because, in this way, it is possible to evaluate a series of symptoms related to pregnancy without having to leave the house.

But why is taking an online pregnancy test important?

We know that during the gestation period, a series of care and changing some habits are necessary to ensure the health of mom and baby.

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Therefore, discovering pregnancy early makes it possible to take care of the pregnancy and avoid future problems.

With that in mind, we’ve separated some online pregnancy test apps to help clear up the doubt.


You may already know Clearblue, the famous pharmacy pregnancy test brand also has an online pregnancy test.

And the test is very simple, just answer a questionnaire and wait for the result in a few seconds.

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For example, you need to answer how long your period has been late, if you are feeling sick.

Among the questions, it is still necessary to inform which contraceptive method you used, if you are swollen, among others.

Online pregnancy test: best applications
Online pregnancy test: best applications

After finishing the test, the result will appear in a few seconds on the screen.

Pampers Quiz

No, you didn’t read it wrong, the famous diaper brand also has a pregnancy test option.

Thinking about helping possible pregnant women, the brand created a very interesting and easy wanted.

When accessing the test, it is necessary to answer some questions, for example:
Is my period late?

I feel…

Am I sick?

After answering the quiz, it is necessary to register your name, email and password.

Finally, you view the result on your cell phone screen and you can have more clarity on whether or not you are expecting a baby.

In addition to the options we mentioned, there are several applications available to take the test online.

Thus, you can better understand what is happening to your body and start prenatal correctly.

However, it is necessary to know that, after performing the tests, it is important to seek a suitable physical test and consult with your doctor.

When to take a pregnancy test and what are the most common symptoms?

It is very important to take a pregnancy test whenever you think you are pregnant.

And this doubt always arises from some very common symptoms and signs that the body will present.

One of the most common symptoms is delay in menstruation. If a week or more has passed, get tested immediately.

Nausea or vomiting are other very common symptoms, as the woman begins to feel sick from certain smells and foods.

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Another very classic symptom is increased urination, if you feel like you are urinating more than normal, it can be another classic pregnancy symptom.

So, when you detect one or more of these symptoms, take the test online and, if so, look for your doctor.

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