How to make caricatures online for free

By Fabiano Moreno |


It is always fun to sit with friends and use apps that can make caricatures online, especially if it is for free

Caricatures are drawings made based on real pictures, in which a person’s physical characteristics are exaggerated. 

That makes the drawing funny and the original photo look like a character out of a cartoon

Among the most common characteristics of a caricature we see wider mouths, big noses, big ears, etc.  

You can find people making caricatures on the street, on the beach and now, on your own cellphone.

Nowadays, with the advance of technology, it is possible for you to even make caricatures online

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With that in mind, we will show you some apps to make caricatures online

How to create your caricature 

It is super easy to create your caricature using your cellphone

First, you just have to choose the app for you, in order to do so, you will have to download it from your app store

In addition, you can also make your caricature on specific websites, this way you just have to access your computer or cellphone browser. 

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Below we will show you some great apps and websites for you to create your caricatures and have some great fun: 

Flash Face 

Flash Face is a website which allows the user to make caricatures online for free. 

The site uses a Flash program and lets the person apply changes on hair, eyes, mouth, nose and even beard

Besides, you can also share the results on your social media, this way, everybody can see your caricature

However, there is also the app version of Flash Face, which can be downloaded both on Android and iOS (iPhone) systems. 

Once you have downloaded it, you have to register and can start making your changes to any photo

Make your caricature online

There are many options of faces, hair, eyes, and you just have to choose and assemble the face the way you prefer. 

Caricature Me 

Caricature me is one of the most famous caricature apps among users. 

The program provides users with many features and it allows people to assemble fun caricatures

It has a very easy and intuitive interface, so you just have to choose the photo from your gallery and start editing

The app is available only for the iOS (iPhone) system


The MomentCam app is another famous way of converting photos to caricature. 

You just have to choose the photo you want to edit or take one straight from the app

After that, the user selects the features and tools he will use. 

This app is available both for Android and iOS (iPhone) systems.

Build Your Wild Self 

This website is even more elaborated than the other ones mentioned so far. 

By accessing the website, you can add clothes and even some accessories to your digital drawing

After finishing it, you can save your own caricature or even send one to someone you like. 

In addition, you can also share the result on your social media

Photo Effects 

Last but not least, the Photo Effects website provides you with many effects to create caricatures

You just have to access the website, select the photo on your Facebook or your camera roll

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Then, you select the effects which you want to apply on the picture

By doing so, your caricature will be ready to be shared anywhere you want. 

Don’t waste time now, download one of these great apps or access their websites and have some fun with friends and family


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