Best apps to change your eye color

By Fabiano Moreno |


If you are looking for contact lenses, change your eye color or just to try a new look, then this post is the right place for you. 

Nowadays, there are many options of eye color (lenses), from neutral to more bold ones, like orange and yellow, for example. 

We found many apps available both for iOS and Android in which you can change your eye color

Below we will list some of the best apps to change your eye color

ModiFace Eye Color Studio: 

Modiface is a brand, which offers technology and beauty produts

Such as augmented reality mirrors

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In addition, the company offers apps in which you can explore new looks, create effects and even pre realistic photos

With that being said, of course ModiFace has a feature for eye color changing

In the app, you have access to hundreds of colors and effects

You can create scary eyes, try a new look with animal or alien eyes

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It is possible to change your own picture or even have fun using a friend’s one. 

You can download the app for free both for Android and iOS (iPhone) systems. 

However, to have access to all its features, the user will have to subscribe

NiceEyes Eye Color Changer 

This app has many options for eye color changing in high quality

Besides, all the features are separated by effect and color

You can also have some unusual effects, like flags

It is also possible to change your eye’s size and shape. 

A very interesting feature in the app is that you can remove red eyes in photos, which is very helpful

How to change your eye color

The app is only available for Android and it is free

Similar to the ModiFace app, you have to subscribe to unlock all the options the app has to offer


The app is only available for Android users. 

With more than 6000 exotic colors and effects, the focus of the app is anime eyes

So, if you are a fan, it will be a lot of fun to use these features

It is free and you can use it and go to cosplays and friend’s meetings


The Facetune app became very famous for its features for selfies

The app counts with a variety of colors and effects, as well as, the possibility of removing red-eye in photos

However, what not many people know is that it also offers an eye color changing option

This is a great app for people looking for high quality photos with effects for skin, hair, eye color and even makeup

The app is available both for Android and iOS (iPhone) systems

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Finally, if you want to try new looks, especially when it comes to the color of your eyes, these apps will be a great option

You can also have some fun with friends and family by changing their photos

The best part is that you can share your results on your social media

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