Learn how to make music with AI

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Did you know that it is now possible to write musics with chatgpt, and complement them with beats and rhythms and more. Find out how here at the end of this post.

ChatGPT has the ability to generate and understand a wide variety of text, including lyrics. Writing music can be a challenging task, but ChatGPT can help generate creative ideas and provide suggestions for lyrics and melodies.

Here are some tips for writing to use AI

With ChatGPT it’s a powerful tool and for you who want to create content including songs here are some tips. We can ask him to act like a professional music singer.

Ask him specific song styles for him to write, also ask him tone for him to write, an example would be in joy tone, enthusiasm tone and more.

We can also ask him for chord suggestions, based on specific genres and styles of music and tips for melodies.

Use ChatGPT as a starting point and experiment with different variations and combinations. Don’t be afraid to experiment and explore new ideas and still complement with other tools.

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Voicemod is a real-time audio editing tool that allows users to personalise their voices during voice and video calls, games and live broadcasts.

This tool has integration with different applications, including Discord and Skype and many others.

Voicemod is a popular tool among content creators, allowing them to add a special touch to their live broadcasts, YouTube videos and other media content.


With these two free tools ChatGPT and Voicemod you can use your creativity and create your own songs.

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These tools together are excellent for content creators, Voicemod offers a very fun experience to its users.

So if you like to write your own songs, you can use these tools.

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