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Who has never been fined for speeding while driving a car or motorcycle? That’s why today we brought 2 Applications to Detect Radars for you!

When we go on a trip or even within our cities, we know that we have to be very careful.

This is because more and more responsible agencies are installing radars on streets and highways.

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But, now with this novelty that are the Applications to Detect Radars, it has become easier to get rid of the fines.

What are the best applications to detect radars

  • 1- The first Radar Detector application that we are going to show you is on the list of the most downloaded on Google Play.

It has over 50 million downloads and a 4.3/5 rating.

We are talking about the App “Radarbot: Radar Detector”

To download Radarbot you only need a cell phone or tablet and an active internet connection.

Whether mobile data contracted to an operator or connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Within your app store search for the name of the app “Radarbot: Radar Detector“.

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Once you find the Free APK icon, press the Download button and wait until the application is downloaded and properly installed on your Smartphone.

After that it’s very easy, just create an account using your email, or connect directly with your Google or Icloud.

And ready!

Now all you have to do is use and escape the undesirable traffic fines that come to us for speeding through radars whether mobile or fixed.

You are reading about: Applications to Detect Radars

  • 2- The second App to detect mobile and fixed radars that will now present to you is Radar Beep Detector of radars.

Just like Radarbot, Radar Beep has the function of warning you when you have a radar in front of you on the highway.

With 10 million downloads and 3.9/5 as a note, Radar Beep is not as complete as its competitor, but it is lighter and easier to download and use.

Either one is very good and they are free.

So regardless of your choice, you’ll have a great tool on your cell phone to escape fines and save money.

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