Online Pregnancy Test: The Pampers quiz

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Online pregnancy test: find out if you are pregnant.

When it comes to pregnancy, women are always anxious to find out whether they are pregnant or not. 

In order to do so, there are several types of tests available. 

In addition, women know their bodies and some common signs and symptoms can help one figure out if a baby is on its way. 

The most common tests nowadays are the urine and blood tests

Besides them, there are also online tests and quizzes to help people find out about their pregnancy

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Here we will present some possibilities. 

What are the differences between urine and blood pregnancy tests? 

For starters, both tests are done in person.

Women usually take urine tests at home and you can find them in common drugstores.

While blood tests are done at your healthcare provider and are, usually, more reliable. 

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Both will look for the Human chorionic gonadotropin HCG hormone in your body, which is produced by your placenta. 

This hormone is only produced once there is a growing embryo.

That is why such tests look for this specific substance in a woman’s body. 

When should I take a pregnancy test and what are the common signs? 

A woman should look for a pregnancy test if she thinks she could be pregnant

To be certain about it, before doing the test, there are some common signs and symptoms your body will present to help you make the decision. 

Online Pregnancy Test
Online Pregnancy Test: The Pampers quiz

The most common symptoms are: 

Missed period: If a week or more has passed and your menstrual cycle didn’t come, that could be a pregnancy sign. 

Increased urination: You might feel that you are urinating more than normal, that happens because the amount of blood in your body increases when you are pregnant, pushing your kidneys to work more. 

Nause or vomit: Some women may experience nausea in the morning or other times of the day. 

Tender, swollen breasts: If the woman is pregnant, in the early stages, the new load of hormones may cause breasts to be more sensitive. 

After considering and observing such signs, it is best for a woman to take a pregnancy test as soon as possible. 

However, among the many benefits technologies has brought to us, online pregnancy tests could help women be even more certain before spending money on a test. 

Bearing that in mind, many websites and brands came up with quizzes and tests.

They help women feel more secure at this important moment. 

The Pampers Quiz 

Thinking about helping possible pregnant women, the Pampers brand created a quiz. 

The quiz is available on their website and it counts with questions such as: 

“Is my period late?” 

“My breasts feel…” 

“I feel…” 

Such questions help the program better understand the symptoms the woman is having. 

After answering the quiz, the person needs to register a name, email and a password. 

Finally, the results appear and the person taking the test can have more clarity about the possibility of being pregnant or not. 

Besides the Pampers quiz, there are many other websites that provide questions to help you better understand what is happening in your body. 

It is important to highlight that after taking such quizzes, a proper physical test is necessary. 

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If the result is positive, look for your doctor and start the prenatal phase. 

So, if you feel like pregnancy is coming, don’t waste time and enjoy all the possibilities available.

This way, you can find out if it is really your turn to be a mother or not. 

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