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If you like photo effects and filters, you need to check out this App to see your child version transforming your photos and videos for when you were little.

We’re talking about an application that contains a filter to transform your photos and videos into their child version.

After all, all of us, if we could, would like to go back in time and be a child again.

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Laying on mom’s lap, lying on the couch and watching cartoons, going to school and having that warm milk with chocolate powder.

How to download the App to see your child version


The app we are talking about is TikTok, and within it there is a filter that makes people child again.

To download it, you need active internet on your cell phone.

Be it your carrier’s mobile network or wi-fi.

Just type the name of the application in the search field of your app store and tap the magnifying glass and wait for the app icon to appear.

After that, click download and that’s it.

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Now, just wait for the download to complete and start using it.

In addition to the filter to see your child version, there are several others such as:

  • See your elderly version;
  • Beard and hair;
  • Color your hair with other colors;
  • Change hair hairstyle;
  • and several other augmented reality ones.

There are some other apps that have filters similar to these and even some different ones for you to montage photos and videos.

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With Snapchat you can make videos with several serious filters like improving the lighting of the place, improving your skin or even changing the background for an eventual work meeting.

But, there are also funny filters like:

  • Characters in the environment;
  • Make the person fat or lose weight;
  • Leave the older person;
  • between others.
  • In addition to TikTok and Snapchat, it also has a great App to see your child version and other filters.


The CapCut app is available for free in your app store.

Capcut, in addition to filters, also has several ready-made templates so that your videos are made in a very professional way.

With it you can leave your videos ready to go viral on your social networks.

These were 3 Apps to see your child version and much more.

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