Your First motorcycle Now

By Fabiano Moreno |


Today brought you something you’ve been waiting for years, like having Your First motorcycle Now.

There are some ways you can make this dream come true and we’ll show you the main ones.

So, read this post carefully and be prepared to make your decision and conquer your dream.

After all, who doesn’t dream of having your first motorcycle now?

Be it Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawazaki, among others.

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How to get your first motorcycle now?

One of the main solutions for those who want to have their first motorcycle is the Consortium.

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For you who want to buy your motorcycle and don’t have the money in sight, or don’t have a limit on your credit card, or have a negative name on Serasa, the consortium is a great option.

After all, all banks Bradesco, Itaú, Santander, BV Financeira, etc., ask for a vast list of documentation to be able to finance.

That’s because, in the consortium, there is no minimum age for you to make the plan.

That is, if you are underage but want to join one of the plans, you can!

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Another advantage of the consortium is interest and low installments.

Generally, a vehicle financing has the highest interest rates and installments.

because, the fewer installments, the higher the value, but you already get the good acquired at the time.

On the other hand, the consortium offers plans of up to 150 installments, diluting the value many times, leaving the installments with a much lower value.

Not to mention that the interest rate on a loan can reach almost 3% per month.

While the interest rate of a consortium is less than 0.5% per month.

So, if you are not yet 18 years old and already want to plan your first Moto Agora, look for a consortium agency and make a plan now.

Another option to have Your First motorcycle Now

The other option is financing itself.

As we mentioned above, the financing is more expensive than the consortium, but you already leave with your motorcycle running at the time.

The companies that own the main brands of motorcycles have their own bank today, which are Banco Honda and Banco Yamaha, thus facilitating the time of sale.

Financing, in addition to being more expensive, also requires you to have your name unrestricted with SCPC and Serasa.

But, if you have a bad name, can’t get financing, negative loan and don’t want to wait for the consortium draws, there is a third option for you.

Motorcycles divided into up to 24 installments without interest on your credit card.

With the credit card, be it Visa, Master Card or any other, you can buy vehicles from the main automakers such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawazaki in up to 24 installments without interest.

For this you need to have the ideal limit on your card.

If you have an account at Bradesco, Santander, Itaú, BV Financeira, or at digital banks such as C6 Bank, Nubank, Banco Inter, among others, you can try asking for an increase in your card limit.

If you succeed and are approved, you can leave with Your First motorcycle Now.

So, if you have a dream, the time to go after the best option to make it come true is now.

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