Apps to measure blood pressure

By Fabiano Moreno |


Mobile blood pressure measurement apps are a great way to monitor your blood pressure simply and at no cost.

They can be used to take pressure, store your readings, aid in diagnostics over time, and identify any potential problems.

There are many different apps available, so with the help of the professionals, we have brought you the most important, reliable and easy to use apps.

Some of these apps even allow you to share your records with your doctor or other healthcare professional.

Follow our list and see the advantages of using the applications on your cell phone:

OMRON Connect:

OMRON Connect is an application developed by the Japanese company OMRON, which is one of the leading manufacturers of blood pressure monitors.

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Possessing high professional accuracy and created by experts, this is one of the most used apps in the world.

The application is also very easy to use, just place your finger on the cell phone sensor and the application will measure your blood pressure in a few seconds.

iCare Health Monitor:

iCare Health Monitor is another highly accurate app, which is available for iOS and Android.

With many free features, the app also has its premium version with more functions.

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iCare Health Monitor is a very easy to use application, just follow the instructions it offers and the application will give you the result in a few seconds.

The application also allows you to remember the blood pressure taken in the previous days, which can be useful to identify predispositions.

Blood Pressure Monitor:

It’s a good app for beginners as it’s simple to use and just as good as the others mentioned above.

This application allows you to save records over time, and a report with metrics can be generated in the future, thus identifying trends and changes.

Cell phone blood pressure measurement apps can be a great tool in everyday life.

In summary, technology is in our favor, helping us and making our lives easier.

Finally, to download the apps, just go to your phone’s app store and search by name. Available for Android and iOS.

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