The best and most used apps for listening to music

By Fabiano Moreno |


With the digital revolution, listening to music has never been more accessible and convenient.

Today, we can enjoy our favorite songs at any time thanks to music streaming apps.

In this article, we’ll explore the most used apps for listening to music and understand what makes each of them unique.

Spotify: The Power of Streaming Music

Spotify is one of the best-known names in the streaming music industry.

With a huge music library, Spotify offers a wide range of genres, artists and playlists.

Its free version is ad-supported, while the premium version offers perks like the ability to download music for offline listening and avoid ads.

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Apple Music: The Exclusive Apple Experience

Developed by technology giant Apple, Apple Music offers a seamless experience for Apple device users.

It combines your personal music library with your streaming catalog, providing a seamless transition between the tracks you own and the ones you can access on the streaming service.

YouTube Music: Videos and Music in One Place

YouTube Music is a unique option as it integrates music videos into the music streaming service.

This means you can watch music videos and listen to music in one app.

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Plus, YouTube integration lets you discover new music with ease.

Deezer: A Variety of Music for Everyone

Deezer is known for its impressive range of music, offering over 73 million tracks.

It stands out for its personalized recommendations and high-quality audio options, making it a solid choice for audiophiles.

Tidal: Impeccable Sound Quality

If audio quality is your priority, Tidal could be the right choice.

It offers high-fidelity streaming and an extensive collection of high-resolution tracks.

Additionally, Tidal is known for its emphasis on supporting artists directly.

Amazon Music: For Amazon Lovers

Amazon Prime subscribers have access to Amazon Music at no additional cost.

This makes it an attractive option for Amazon lovers.

It offers a substantial music library and integrates seamlessly with Alexa devices.

Pandora: A Personalized Approach

Pandora is known for its personalized recommendation algorithm.

With the ability to create personalized radio stations, listeners can discover new music based on their musical preferences.

SoundCloud: The Independent Artists’ Paradise

SoundCloud is where independent artists share their music.

If you’re looking for new talent and exclusive music, SoundCloud is a great platform to explore.

Google Play Music: An Offer from Google

Google Play Music offers seamless integration with Google’s music library.

Although Google has moved to YouTube Music, it is still a valid option for those who want to keep their personal music collection on Google.


With so many music app options available, choosing the best one depends on your personal preferences.

If you value musical diversity, Spotify and Deezer are excellent options.

For an exclusive Apple experience, Apple Music is a solid choice.

If sound quality is crucial, Tidal is second to none.

Regardless of your choice, music is at your fingertips.

To download any of the above applications, simply access your cell phone’s application store and search by name, or access here: Android or iOS.


Which apps offer free versions?

Several apps, such as Spotify, YouTube Music, and Pandora, offer free, ad-supported versions.

How do I choose the best music app?

Choosing the best app depends on your music preferences, desired sound quality, and device integration.

Which app has the biggest music library?

Deezer is known for its vast library of over 73 million tracks.

Is it possible to download music for offline listening?

Yes, many apps, such as Spotify Premium, Apple Music, and YouTube Music Premium, allow you to download music for offline listening.

Enjoy music in a way that suits you and explore these apps to find the one that suits your musical taste.

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