Live TV on mobile: Watch free games, movies and series

By Fabiano Moreno |


Have you ever thought about watching live TV on your cell phone and even better, totally free? Come with me and find out how to do it!

With the apps listed below, discover the incredible possibility of always being tuned in to your channels and connected to everyday news.

If you’re in line at the supermarket or at the bank, stuck in a traffic jam or even in the bathroom and don’t want to miss the episode of your favorite series or your team’s game, enjoy the advantages of having a complete TV in your hands.


With the DirecTV GO application, you have the best and most watched channels in your country or around the world.

With a subscription at an affordable price, you don’t miss any series releases, don’t stay out of live games and watch all the episodes of your soap opera or that movie that just came out.

Globo Play:

The Globo Play application gives you dozens of possibilities directly on your cell phone.

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With it, you can follow soap operas, movies, the games of your favorite team and the series that are on the rise at the moment.

Before closing your subscription, take advantage of the free days to enjoy and familiarize yourself with the intuitive and simple to use interface.


If you are looking for a TV application with movies, series, soap operas and complete and free entertainment, Pluto TV is ideal.

Full of channels with all kinds of content, it makes its entire channel grid available for free, causing many people to have this application installed on their smartphones.

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With a simple interface, you can watch your content with just a few touches on the screen, thus bringing entertainment and leisure anytime and anywhere.


In short, these are the most used apps to watch live TV on your cell phone.

In addition, each of them has its unique advantages and specifics.

Choose what you like best and meets your needs. Both work similarly and are, in fact, a great form of entertainment for all ages and types of audiences.

Finally, to download the apps, just go to your phone’s app store and search by name. Available for Android and iOS.

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