Top 5 photo collage apps 

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See the best photo collage apps to create different images.

Have you ever wanted to post or create something, but you didn’t know exactly what to produce? 

photo, a video, messages, but they all didn’t seem to fit? 

Maybe putting many pictures together could be the result you want to get, especially after a trip or memorable moment. 

When that happens, collage apps can be extremely handy. 

That happens because they can help you create incredible memories by putting photos or short videos together in only one final product. 

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By using such apps, the user can add frames, details, words or phrases and special layouts for each occasion. 

Thus, it is also possible to share the results with friends, family and even on social media. 

Thinking about that, we ranked the top 5 photo collage apps for you to try and have the experience of creating incredible works. 

1.Pic Collage – Photo Editor 

The Pic Collage app is an excellent app with many features and great characteristics. 

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It offers different framework options; you can place your pictures in fun and innovative backgrounds. 

In addition, you can crop your pictures in any size and format you want. 

Another feature is that your pictures can be put in many templates and you can even add GIFs on them. 

The app is free and is available for both Android and iOS (iPhone) systems. 

2. Canva 

Canva is a very popular and versatile app. 

The app allows the user to create layers of elements and add text in specific frames. 

Top 5 photo collage apps 
Top 5 photo collage apps 

With it, you can create cards, stories, YouTube pictures, collages, etc. 

Your creations can be edited collaboratively and shared with others and on social media. 

The app has many options for users to make their creations, but you can also add your own touch and ideas. 

It is available for both Android and iOS (iPhone) and you can also access the Canva website. 

3. Layout 

Layout is an official Instagram app that allows users to make collages not only for social media, but also to share with friends and family. 

The app does not require the person to have an account on Instagram, which is great. 

It also counts with a feature called “faces”, which selects only the pictures that contain people’s faces from your photo gallery. 

It is a great and simple option to create new collages and pictures effects. 

The app can be found in any phone which has the Instagram app installed

4. Pic Stitch – Collage Editor 

This is a free app available only for iOS (iPhone) systems. 

It is already very famous among digital influencers and users due to the infinity of possibilities it provides. 

Pic Stitch offers more than 300 different layouts, 15 aspect proportions and a variety of filters. 

The app has all the features you need to make the perfect picture or collage

Another great aspect of this app is the possibility of working with both videos and pictures, which allows you to add songs to your collage. 

The app is free and very simple to use. 

5. Photo Grid 

Photo Grid is one of the most famous apps for photo collages

It offers more than 300 layouts to which you can add many photos and videos. 

You can edit media by cropping photos and videos, adding songs, effects, stickers and so on. 

The app has posters, animated filters, virtual make up, hair color changing, etc. 

All of this is available in a free app that is available for both Android and iOS (iPhone) systems. 

Don’t waste any more time and download one of these apps today. 

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Your photo collages will look amazing and you will be able to share them wherever and with whomever you want. 

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