FaceApp: See how to use the filter that makes you younger

By Fabiano Moreno |


If you like to use filters and effects on your photos, see how to use FaceApp to look younger.

This option is possible thanks to FaceApp, an image editing application that quickly went viral when it was launched.

He became even better known when famous and anonymous began to share their photos with the effect that made him older.

However, there is also the opposite effect, when the user can look younger in the photos.

Due to the huge success, FaceApp has been at the top of the most searched and downloaded apps.

It has several filters and effects available to apply to photos, many of them are funny and create an even cooler image.

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The application also allows saving the result obtained in the mobile gallery and sharing it on social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram.

So, let’s talk a little more about FaceApp and how the effect works to look younger in photos.

How does FaceApp work?

As we said, FaceApp is basically an image editing application, which has several filters and effects available in its functionality.

Also, it is possible to apply a beard and mustache to the photo, change hair cut and color, get older or younger, etc.

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The app has some filters in its free version, but for Android users, just watch the ad to unlock other options.

See how to use the filter that makes you younger

As for the iOS system, it’s necessary to purchase the premium version of the app to have access to all the features available.

The application’s interface is very intuitive and simple to use, in a few clicks the user can apply the chosen filter and create the image.

After viewing the result, just save the image on your mobile gallery or share it directly on your social networks.

The app is available on the Google Play Store and App Store for free.

How to apply the younger-looking filter

To use the effect and look younger in photos is simple, first open FaceApp on your smartphone.

When accessing the application, you will have access to a brief explanation of how it works; read the tutorial and click start.

At this point, you will be able to access all available features, whether in the free or premium version.

In the paid version, it is possible to identify the word PRO above the filter, so you will know that this feature is only available to premium users.

When accessing the FaceApp homepage, tap on the “Allow” option to allow access to the photos from the cell phone gallery.

To use the available filters, you can access your smartphone camera and take a selfie or choose one from the gallery.

It is important to note that to have a better result in any applied filter, the photo needs to be sharp.

So, the ideal is to take it in a bright place and where the face appears clarity.

When taking a photo or selecting one from the album, click on the Age filter, at the bottom of the screen.

After that, select Young 2 or Young and wait a few seconds for processing to occur.

When you see the result, click Apply and you will have your photo looking younger.

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Finally, you can share directly on your social networks or save on your phone to use at another time.

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