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We are all football lovers, whether men or women, everyone loves to see their team play. That’s why today we bring you an application to watch live football for free.

Continue this post until the end and we will explain step by step for you to download the Application to watch live football and not miss anything from your team.

Let’s start by explaining how it works for you to get the app.

To be able to download the Application to watch live football you need to have a Smartphone or a Tablet with active internet on it.

Whether it’s Wi-Fi or a data plan, you need Internet access to be able to download the app from your app store.

Speaking of which, if your phone is Android, your app store is Google Play.

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But if your cell phone is an iPhone, that is, with the Apple operating system, your store is the Apple Store.

So you will be able to find and download the perfect Live Football App for your cell phone.

How to download the App to watch live football

To Download, first search for the name of the app.

Once you find it, click download and wait until the download is complete.

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After that, each app will ask you for a type of registration.

But, usually it is E-mail or telephone where you will have to confirm your account in order to use the Application.

What are the three Best Apps to Watch Live Football?

The 3 best apps are:

With DirectvGO you have access to your team’s best games and much more.

Take advantage of the promotion for new platform users and get 7 days free to try it out.

After that, the amount charged in Brazil is R$44.90 for 2 months of platform.

The ClaroTV+ App has a 30-day free promotion for new users.

After that, you will pay R$69.90 per month in Brazil to have the best football content from your favorite club. is a website where you can access all channels about sports, movies and series.

The value changes according to your region, but it is certainly lower than other official websites and applications.

Now that you know which are the 3 best Apps to watch live football, you just have to choose and download the best one for you.

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