Pregnancy test app

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Did you know that there is an online pregnancy test app that can be done for free directly from your cell phone?

That’s right, you take a test to find out if you’re pregnant directly from your cell phone and get the results right away.

The application works as follows:

You will provide information requested by the App’s developers such as name, date of birth, menstrual cycle, last time you performed the act and more…

Through this, the application will make several calculations to give you an estimate of the results of whether or not you may be pregnant.

The results have been very pleasing to users, as they have been correct more than 78% of the time.

Remembering that this is a cell phone application.

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Therefore, to have a 99% certainty result, you must go to your doctor or undergo a pharmacy test.

The only result that really gives you accuracy in 100% of cases is the one carried out in obstetric clinics or laboratories where blood tests are carried out.

But, to get an idea of what to do, or even if it’s worth spending money on a pharmacy test or blood test, this Pregnancy Test App will be good.

How to download the Pregnancy Test App

Downloading the Pregnancy Test App is very simple.

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You just need to have a smartphone and active internet, be it WI-FI or an internet data package contracted by your operator.

The internet will only be used to download the Pregnancy Test App because the test is then offline.

Search for the name “Pregnancy Test” in your cell phone’s app store and press “Download” to download the app on your cell phone.

The App is free and you don’t pay anything for downloading it!

Once properly downloaded and installed, now just answer the questions and see the result.

Once again, we reiterate that this Pregnancy Test Application does not replace blood tests or pharmacy tests provided by specialist obstetricians.

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