Free Car Tuning App

By Fabiano Moreno |


If you are a car lover this is for you, today we are going to introduce you to a free car tuning app for your cell phone.

It’s about downloading an app and letting your imagination run wild, tuning your digital car the way you prefer.

You choose a car and you can change exactly everything about it.

From the color of the bodywork, wheels, tires, spring height.

You can also change the bumpers, hood, spoilers, the entire interior and much more.

As I said before, just let your imagination fly and make your car the best way you can.

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And the best part….. if you get to the end and you don’t like it, just start over and that’s it!

How to download free car tuning app?

Downloading is very simple…..

First open the application store on your cell phone, be it Android or IOS.

You need to have an active internet to be able to carry out this process, ok?

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Then, to be able to play and assemble your cars, you no longer need to download the free car tuning app Yes!

Search for the name Maxton Design and when the app icon appears, just click on “Download” and wait until the App is downloaded and properly installed on your cell phone.

There is also the Maxton Desing website.

Maxton Design’s official website is, there you can get real parts for your real car and they ship them to anywhere in the world.

We are certainly talking about the biggest and best Tuning store in the world.

Carbon fiber parts such as aerofoils, bumper extensions, scoops and much more can be found on the website.

So don’t waste any more time and start tuning your car today!

Which App for digital car tuning to download?

The application we recommend for you to tune your car virtually is 3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator.

Just like the Maxton Design App, search for 3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator in the app store and click download to install it on your Smartphone.

Once installed, now is the good time.

Choose the car that you like the most and let your imagination run wild to make the best tunings and then share them with your friends.

Just like the other App, you can move and change all the parts and colors, leaving the car with your style!

Did you like the options?

So share it with your friends and have a car competition to see which of you can tune your chosen car best.

Thank you for liking and following and see you next time!

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