GPS Tracking Devices for Fleet Vehicles

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There are several GPS Tracking Devices for Fleet Vehicles available on the market. If you are looking for a fleet management system for your company, we will show you some in this area.

Tracking your fleet and having control over the management of your vehicles is completely important for the success of your company and your customers.

Therefore, having good fleet tracking management on your cell phone allows you to know where each vehicle and load for which you are responsible is located.

This way you have much more security and can provide your customer with a full guarantee for their Freight.

But after all….

What are the best GPS Tracking Devices for Fleet Vehicles in the US?


The first US Mobile Fleet Tracking App is SAMSARA.

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One of the most well-known and renowned fleet tracking apps, SAMSARA offers its users a complete service.

  • Improve Fleet Productivity

Complete more jobs in fewer hours and miles with real-time visibility into vehicle location, live traffic data, and route analytics.

  • Respond to rapidly changing conditions

Adapt on the go by remotely re-routing vehicles and sending messages to drivers through the Samsara Driver app.

  • Catch Problems Early

Get instant alerts for idling, speeding, engine faults, battery level, and geofences to keep your fleet safe and running.

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  • Share Live Tracking with Customers

Let customers track route progress and receive automatic updates. Improve customer happiness and reduce call volume by sharing arrival times and delays.

  • Open APIs & Seamless Integration

Open APIs make it easy to integrate with existing systems for GIS, fleet management, asset management, and more for complete visibility across your operations.

To find out more about SAMSARA, visit its official website by clicking “HERE” or type in your browser.


Experience a new level of visibility with real-time views of your workforce.

Our connected solutions provide supervisors with a bird’s-eye perspective, allowing for better decision-making and enhanced coordination.

  • Laser-focused communication

Leverage map drawing features to pinpoint exact employees and teams, allowing you to send messages to precise groups effortlessly.

  • Improved Safety and Operations

When a worker documents an issue, TRUCE automatically the worker’s location for timely, accurate assistance – and escalates messages to the right recipient.

  • Critical Event Management

Send real-time updates on imminent threats and critical information, keeping everyone in the loop and promoting a safer, more efficient work environment.

  • Frontline Worker Safety

Identify at-risk safety statuses through the message center and map view. TRUCE’s system automatically escalates notifications to relevant supervisors on duty, ensuring employees receive prompt assistance.

  • Smarter Enterprise Communications

TRUCE guarantees that only relevant messages reach the right groups, improving overall communication efficiency.

Managers have unprecedented control over message priority and response options.

To learn more about Truce Software, visit its website by clicking “In this Link” or type in your browser.


Tourmo offers an easy-to-deploy, accurate, and state-of-the-art SaaS platform.

The platform goes beyond tracking vehicles; we change driver’s behavior by integrating advanced safety and productivity features.

See some of TOURMO’s differences:

  • Artificial Intelligence Data Cleansing

We process mobility data from any smartphone, tablet, or telematics device, which produces inconsistent results for every variation, calibration, and position of the device.

Tourmo’s patented multi-dimensional artificial intelligence data models clean all data inputs which reduce false-positives, calibrate faulty systems, and normalize unforeseen data irregularities.

  • Machine Learning Contextualization

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Tourmo’s patented contextualized machine learning algorithms distinguishing between driving behavior they control and factors in their environment that they cannot.

Variables such as location, speed, and weather conditions are contextualized across drivers for a fair and unbiased analysis of driving behavior.

  • Driver Scorecards and Ranking

Driver scorecards are created for each driver with their individual behavior scores as well as an overall score.

Scorecards let the drivers know how they are doing from week to week and, optionally, as compared to part or all of

  • Feedback, Coaching, and Recognition

We apply a multidimensional scoring approach to help companies evaluate driving ability based on handling and focus so they can quickly correct poor driving, incentivize good driving, and uncover hidden behavior trends.

  • Task and Workflow Management

AI-powered fleet driver behavior monitoring that delivers automation, task management, insights, and transparency across organizations to expose the value from your data and integrate it into your workflows.

Trip Awareness, GPS Tracking, and Geofencing

We keep a log of each driver’s trips and when and where incidents occur then make that available for driver coaching, or directly in our feedback to drivers.

Know when a vehicle has entered or exited your defined areas with tracking and geofencing.

If you want to know more about Tourno and its services, you can click “HERE” and we will send you directly to the contact page, or use your browser at

We hope to have helped you resolve your doubts before choosing the best GPS Tracking Devices for Fleet Vehicles.

Keep following and have the best of the internet on your cell phone.

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