Group Flight Booking

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A group flight booking is considered when there are 10 or more passengers. All passengers must have the same itinerary, date, origin and destination.

Passengers cannot have booked separately.

To book a group flight on Azul, you must send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Origin and destiny
  • Departure and return date
  • Number of passengers
  • Contact details

LATAM Trade considers a group booking when there are 10 or more passengers.

  • There are two exceptions:

Band: It is possible to make a reservation for 6 seats or more

Events: Random segments, with multiple origins for a single destination

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To make a flight reservation, you can:

  • Book online
  • Make a reservation by phone
  • Make a reservation through an online travel agency
  • Book through a physical travel agency

To buy Group Flight Booking, you can:

  • Request quotes:

By emailing the airline’s groups department or filling out online forms

  • Use a travel agency:

The agency must be registered with the airline

  • Use Pro Sky:

Pro Sky offers scheduled, charter or a combination of both flight options

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Some airlines charge a quote fee, which is refunded if the group is issued.

Minors can purchase flight reservations?

To purchase a plane ticket for a minor, you must:

Minor’s identification document

Official companion document

Written authorization signed by the legal guardian

  • Electronic Travel Authorization (AEV):

Airline form

Authorization is not required if the child or teenager is traveling with both parents.

If the child or teenager is traveling alone or in the company of others, both parents must authorize it.

For teenagers between the ages of 16 and 18, no parental or judicial authorization is required, just the presentation of the original identity card.

As soon as you buy airline tickets in a group.

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