The Best GPS Tracker

By Fabiano Moreno |


There are several types of trackers available on the market, but today we are going to show you the best GPS tracker.

GPS trackers serve several functions….

Track devices, track vehicle fleets, track people and track family members such as children or spouses.

The truth is that a GPS tracker is always a great tool for the daily lives of people who are connected to a device, be it a cell phone, tablet or vehicle, whether for work or pleasure.

But after all, what is the best GPS tracker for each function?

Let’s start by talking about tracking mobile devices (cell phones and tablets) that can be used to track people like children and spouses.

The best GPS Tracker for mobile devices is Cube Tracker.

The Cube Tracker will track your cell phone, vehicle, people and even your pet.

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With Cube Tracker you install the device wherever you want and can track everything on your cell phone in real time.

Every step the person takes, you will follow.

  • Track your car

Know where your car is at all times wether you’re a Turo host, need to protect against theft, or just can’t remember where you park.

  • Track your motorcycle

You love your motorcycle, and other people may, too.

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The best GPS tracker, If you’re afraid someone may try to steal it, we’re here to help.

How it works

Easily keep track of your valuable items with Cube GPS and our accompanying app.

  1. Pair Your Cube

Using the Cube Tracker app scan the barcode or enter the number on the back of your Cube GPS.

  1. Activate Subscription

Choose one of our available subscription plans in the Cube Tracker app.

  1. Begin Tracking

Place your GPS in your car, luggage, on your pets collar, a dirt bike, or even a loved one.

Garmin watch – the best GPS tracker

Activity tracker for kids, swimming, up to 1 year battery life.

The Marvel Kids Activity Tracker includes an interactive app experience that lets kids relive the Infinity Saga and be a hero alongside Marvel’s Avengers characters (requires Garmin Jr. app on compatible smartphone with vívofit jr. 3 )

Durable, swim-friendly fitness tracker features a color display with multiple watch face options and up to 1 year of battery life

No recharging required, and the battery is replaceable by parents
Motivates kids to achieve active minute goals that unlock adventures, games and app icons featuring their favorite characters and the most exciting moments from the Infinity saga

To make chore management easier, parents can use the Garmin Jr. app to assign chores, schedule alerts and alarms, and reward kids for good behavior

See the full picture by tracking your child’s estimated steps, sleep, and 60 minutes of recommended daily activity

These are certainly two of the best GPS tracker on the market today.

For each function you can choose what suits you best.


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