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Big Brother Brasil 24 has started and here you will find out everything about how you can watch BBB 24 live, the most watched house in Brazil 24 hours a day for free.

After all, every year when the participants are chosen for confinement, Brazilians are already euphoric waiting to find out who they are.

This year, just like in the past, the house was divided into two parts.

The Pipocas are a group of people without fame and who are practically not known by anyone.

And the “camarotes” group, which is the group of people who are or have been famous in Brazil, whether as singers, actors or even digital influencers.

How to watch BBB 24 live?

  • Globo Play App

To watch BBB 24 live there are a few options and the most common is through the GloboPlay app.

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Holder of the rights to the program, the Globo television network is the only one that has the image and live broadcast rights to the program.

To watch BBB 24 live, download the Globo Play app for free and get the full schedule of Globo TV channels.

In addition to BBB 24, you will have films, series and soap operas available to watch whenever you want.

There are some other application options that broadcast BBB 24 live.

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But we emphasize that these are apps that do not have legal authorization to transmit.

However, here we are just showing the options and not making recommendations.


The second option we give is the free TV app Br.

With it you can also watch BBB Live through IPTV.

Furthermore, with IPTV there are also a multitude of films and series available for you to watch whenever you want.

Not to mention the live channels from around the world that you will also have at your disposal!

So if you liked one of the options, click and download it right now because Big Brother Brasil 24 is already on fire.

You saw here how to watch BBB 24 live!

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