Walabot DIY Wall Scanner

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If you work on construction sites or are just curious to know where the wires and pipes run in your home, get to know the Walabot DIY Wall Scanner.

The Walabot DIY Wall Scanner is an app that detects high voltage wires, copper, and metal or PVC pipes behind walls.

If you want to drill a wall, hang a picture or anything like that, this Walabot DIY Wall Scanner is very useful for you.

Have this powerful tool in your hands right now to avoid damage and complications in your home.

because before the drill, you can open the application and scan the entire perimeter where you are going to drill.

This way, you will never run the risk of puncturing a water or sewage pipe or even run the risk of an electric shock or a short circuit with the drill bit.

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See now how to download the Walabot DIY Wall Scanner

To download the Walabot DIY Wall Scanner you have two options.

Directly through the Walabot website or also through the app store on your cell phone.

You will be able to download either one or the other free of charge.

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And, we will leave here the link to the official website and Google Play as well.

  • Walabor DIY Official Website – Access
  • Google Play Walabot DIY – Download

And how does the application work?

It is very easy to use.

To use Walabot, simply attach it to your cell phone with the device’s magnet, download the app and calibrate the device on the wall.

Then run it through the wall like any other finder.

The Walabot DIY works on drywall, concrete, lath and plaster. Detects up to 10 cm deep.

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So choose where you prefer to download the application and start using this powerful tool right now.

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