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The Application Land Measurement is a remote calculator that you can use to measure areas and terrain from an aerial view.

With it you can measure any distance between cities, between houses or places such as map measurement, farms or any other type of place.

The land measurement application offers you many functions so that you can easily calculate the exact distance between areas on the map.

You can measure the chosen area with 100% accuracy by choosing the units you want to see so you can check.

Just choose two points or more, and the Land Measurement App will draw a line between them and give you the exact measurement right away.

The Land Measurement Application also provides you with a GPS calculator to measure distances on maps.

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This technological function allows you to use GPS to report speed and longitude on maps in real time.

As you move on the map from location A to location B, GPS technology synchronizes the maps you choose to quickly find out where you are and how far you are.

Features of Application to measure Land

  • Distance and area measurement for land and compass for Android.
  • Land measurement
  • Measure the distance between any two points on the map. The unit defaults to “m”.
  • Search any address or location to measure area and distance on maps. Area calculator app is very good for calculating land elevation.

In addition to all these measurement functions, the Application also provides you with a Compass with specific directions.

The app’s Compass is digital and has a device sensor.

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With it you can move and it will be synchronized directly with the maps.

However, to be able to use the compass with all its technology, your cell phone must have an original magnetic sensor.

In other words, some older devices do not provide this technology, meaning that the user is unable to use the Compass to read the magnetic field of planet Earth.

How to Download Application to measure Land

Downloading is very simple.

Go to the app store on your cell phone and search for the name Land area measurement.

Once you find the App icon, click download and that’s it.

The application will be downloaded and properly installed on your cell phone.

After that, all functions will be open so you can make the most of your app.

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