Share screen on WhatsApp

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Everyone knows that WhatsApp is the most used messaging tool in the world, but now you can share your screen on WhatsApp in a video call.

That’s right, WhatsApp developers are always innovating and bringing the best news to their users.

And this time, like other meeting tools like Skype, for example, WhatsApp made screen sharing available.

It’s great news for those who use WhatsApp to hold online group meetings.

as it allows you to show your screen to other people in real time.

Share screen on WhatsApp

Every year Meta, owner of the WhatsApp application, has been innovating and bringing comfort and security to its users when exchanging data through messages.

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Today we can easily say that WhatsApp is a 100% safe way for you to exchange messages, data such as credit cards, and even make payments.

Furthermore, today there are WhatsApp channels.

In them, you choose the subject that you like and begin to be part of the community of the chosen subject.

This is certainly a brilliant idea from the developer team, as you will have all the news and updates about what interests you!

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And, it is in this way, full of news that WhatsApp is gaining more followers and users of its system every day.

Always offering services that are necessary to save time and leave you and your team 100% connected.

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We’ll leave the link to WhatsApp’s own video here where they explain the step-by-step process for you to share your screen in your meetings.

Now you know how to Share screen on WhatsApp and you can pass this tip on to your friends and even your company.

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