See how to learn another language using just your phone.

By Fabiano Moreno |


Nowadays, learn another language has become a priority for many people.

You may not believe it, but English is not the most sought after.

For example, Chinese, Korean, French, Russian and German are the most wanted.

So if you are intending to start learning a new language, but you don’t have time or are having financial problems to enroll and a language course, we’re here to give you some available apps that can help you with that.

There are many app options to learn a new language that it’s hard to choose from.

However, what we list are the only ones where a large community relies on the results obtained.

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We’ve listed the most used ones, check it out.


Innovatively and fun, Duolingo offers you several learning options.

Languages are available to learn in Greek, Portuguese, Italian, French and others


Containing videos from native speakers, Memrise is among the most complete and used apps.

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Thanks to its wide range of 180 languages to learn.

And with the talking videos greatly improving both your pronunciation, and your understanding of the chosen language.


Tandem allows you to have direct contact with the natives through audio, and video calls.

learn another language using just your phone.
See how to learn another language using just your phone

Learning a new language becomes easier with these resources, and can thus make friends in all parts of the world.

Babbel River

Among so many applications the Babbel River contains exercises designed to help you improve pronunciation.

If you’re looking for a language option that suits your needs, know that Babbel has Polish, Italian, Russian, French, and even Turkish.

Alternatives in Social Networks conversation.

Lingio translation

Being a bot it is within the Telegram app.

Providing more than 50 languages to make translations and test your knowledge.


Knowing that English is the universal language, these bots are specially programmed for translation of it.

Bot that is in Facebook Messenger, allowing you to do the translations in the phrases of different languages.


Programmed for Telegram use, PronunciationBot can convert the expressions you want to pronounce into voice note.

Thus, it pronounces it much easier and learn.


The app offers an English dictionary.

Then you can do a review in the vocabulary, since the app offers a list so that the user can memorize the words more easily.

Also available for Telegram.

Other options for learning other languages.

Containing a dictionary with 20 languages, in a fun way includes games to be able to practice and memorize the words.


It can expand your vocabulary by allowing an order in the content.

Thus classifying how a word is constructed with phrases, adjectives and verbs.

Another tip is to change the language of your mobile phone to learn even faster and achieve your goal.

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Finally, apps and learning means are there to help you, but you need study, discipline, time, and practice to learn any of these languages mentioned above.

To download the apps, just access the Google Play Store or App Store.

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