Meet some apps that help you avoid food waste.

By Fabiano Moreno |


Today we know that there are applications for almost everything, including to help you avoid food waste.

That way, you get a greater notion of foods that can still be consumed before thinking about throwing them away.

Unfortunately it is huge the amount of food that is thrown in the trash every day.

If that didn’t happen, probably millions of people wouldn’t be starving like they are today.

So, doing your part, in addition to saving money and taking care of the environment, you’d definitely be helping to repair this huge damage.

The applications somehow help the establishment manage their food in a better way, thus avoiding large waste.

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Too good to go

This app is among the most used, allowing you to locate some of the closest places so you can enjoy the food left over for a small amount.

The app Too good to go, contains more than 5 million users, so we know that a good part of food was used to starve many people.

This app makes you the option to consume an exquisite plate of food with a very low value.

You have the option to enjoy wonderful desserts in a confectionery or else buy some things in the market.

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To use is simple, just add your actual locale, and the options closest to you will appear.

Place your order, pay and then the app will give you the timetable to pick up your order.

Just show the transaction made in the app and that’s it.


Nooddle already proposes to avoid waste in another way, just add in the app all the ingredients you have in your fridge.

apps that help you avoid food waste.
Apps that help you avoid food waste.

That way, Nooddle will send you different recipes that you can do with those products very healthy and original recipes.

So this is also a way to save money and prevent some food from going unused.

Free app available for Android and iPhone (iOS) system users.

I don’t waste it

It contains a very cool function, which is to share food that you don’t need with other people.

The App I do not waste, has the support of the NGO “Prosalus” which aims to help food reach those who need it.

On this platform, users can make announcements of everything that’s left, or also see what other people are offering near their location.

In this way, make a very cool exchange of food through a chat that the app makes available. App designed only for iPhone (iOS) users.


With the option to considerably reduce your food costs, Phenix prevents more food from being disposed of in the trash.

In addition to saving, you also contribute to companies in the area where you live.

Just download the app, and show your location.

So the app already shows you the options of places available near you.

Thus, you can filter your available food types, schedule, among other functions of the app.

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Phenix guarantees food in perfect condition and good quality.

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