How to calculate the distance using Google Maps.

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To learn how to calculate the distance from one point to another using Google Maps is very simple.

Whether it’s getting on the road and taking a trip, or evaluating what is the shortest distance between your home and your job, or your children’s school.

So continue on this post that will be useful to you.

Google Maps is already a well-known app in our country.

Allows access to the distance traveled between one point and another.

The app allows for various functions that are almost not used.

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Here we’re going to teach you some of them that you might not even know.

How to measure distance in Google Maps?

Measuring this distance is possible, the app has functions you need, just know how to order correctly.

First let’s learn more about this used app.

Launched by Google in 2005, it has incorporated various information about different parts of the world.

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How to calculate the distance using Google Maps.
How to calculate the distance using Google Maps.

Even though it is already a well-known app in our environment, there may be functions available that are not yet known to you.

See what can be done with the app.

1 View a map, zooming in and out.

2 When you enter an address, the app locates it on the map and shows you everything around you.

For example, confectioneries, restaurants, transport stops and others.

3 To have more specific access, just use Google Local, so you search places like “Salon in Barcelona”. So the return comes directed only to that.

4 With the address in hand, Google Maps shows you how to get to the various transport options available.

Informing the alternative paths and how long each means of transport will take to reach the scheduled destination.

5 With the Google Street function, the user can access the streets and their surroundings.

6 The feature we came to teach you in this post is the Distance Meter on Google Maps from one point to another.

These are some of the features offered by the platform.

Take the measurement by cell phone.

In addition to the app being able to be used on mobile, it can also be used on desktop and mobile, working slightly differently between one device and another.

After you open the app, tap the screen and find the place you’re willing to get to.

You will see a small icon of a ruler, this is the indicator for measuring the distance.

Soon after, through a magic eye of the app itself, mark the second point on the map and select the distance button and so it will show the distance from one location to another.

The advantages of using the app is that by obtaining the necessary information regarding the distance you will travel, the user can perform the time calculations before leaving home.

Knowing so, approximately, the time it will take to finish the trip.

Another important factor is the freedom to choose alternative paths, adapting to their need.

Finally, it is important to know that to make use of the app, you need to always be connected to the internet.

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Probably the only downside in the use of this app.

Now, you already know how to calculate the distance using Google Maps!

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