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Meet some apps to simulate haircut before changing your look

If you’re thinking of changing your haircut, either because you’ve been inspired by some magazine photo or even a famous person.

So it’s important to know that sometimes that kind of cut won’t fit well with your face shape.

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That way, how about doing several simulations before sitting in the hairdresser’s chair to be sure of the decision and not regret it?

In this sense, the apps come to help you know what kind of cut fits your face.

Also about coloring or some kind of hairstyle you want to do.

With applications, you can anticipate this result in a few seconds.

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Hair Style Try On

Hair Style Try On has numerous different cuts available for simulation.

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Available only to users of the iPhone operating system (iOS), the app is free and has ads.

Among the reviews found in the Apple Store, this app has great references.

To gain access, simply download the app and upload your photo.

After that, you just go into the various haircuts, shapes and colors of different types.

With the result already done, the user can save their photo and share on their social networks with friends and family.

Hairstyle Changer 2020

Another renowned option among application references is Hairstyle Changer 2020.

This in turn is only available to Android system users and free.

Allowing various options of hairstyles, haircuts, or even change in the color of the strands.

Available for female and male groups.

Containing the self-recognition system, being able to optimize resources by a special technology.

Hairstyle 2019

Even without frequent updating, this app is still another valid option.

It contains in its palette varied feminine hairstyles.

A good thing about this application is that it has a high-resolution filter, allowing you to make some changes.

For example, it allows shadows, effects creation, blurs, and very realistic highlights.

Meet apps to simulate haircut.
Apps to simulate haircut.

Available to Android users, the app is free.

Virtual Makeup Mary Kay

As the name already says, founded by the great and famous brand Mary Kay has been attracting many downloads.

It has become one of the most complete available for Android and iPhone (iOS) users.

With several benefits, in addition to choosing from the various options of hair and hairstyle.

The app also offers an upgrade in Make Up.

That way, in addition to simulating the new strands of hair, you can also do various makeup tests before buying yours.

Finally, after the simulation already done, it is possible to share on your social networks, and see if the image pleases your friends and family.


You’ve hardly heard of FaceApp.

Available to users from Android to iPhone, it has become one of the most downloaded apps on many current smartphones.

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The app allows in addition to changing hair, makeup, adding beards, youth effects or tattoos.

If you’re looking for a full app, FaceApp is the best choice.