If you want to watch free anime, Pluto Tv offers you this option.

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From now on, you have available in your hands, animes to watch for free thanks to Pluto TV.

Having a wide variety of options to access within the platform.

Certainly, especially in recent years the anime has become one of the main sources of entertainment.

Containing a wide variety of categories fitting to any type of taste.

With each passing day, people are more interested in this kind of comic that has different histories.

Then , follows the list of animes to watch for free on Pluto TV.

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The famous Japanese animation contains variety of categories, and will be available to users of all ages.

Sherlock Holmes

Between one of the classics of the 80s, Sherlock Holmes did and continues to be very successful to this day.

That’s because it’s based on a detective who to solve their cases, and engages in many adventures.

The differential is that it is based on an animal world in which animals speak, among various breeds of dogs.

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Sherlock and his friend Watson are responsible for discovering crimes, experiencing different adventures.

Devil can cry

Series based on a time of 2,000 years ago, humans and demons vie in a war, where the main protagonist is The Knight Sparda.

If you want to watch free anime, Pluto Tv offers you this option.
If you want to watch free anime, Pluto Tv offers you this option.

Then the mission for continuity charged him to fulfill his father’s mission and save the humans, is the son of Sparda himself.

Ninja Hat

In a more childish domain, the Ninja Hat tells the story of Kanzo Hattori.

Both Kanzo, his ninja dog and his brother live different emotions within the city where they live.

I try kenichi’s company that becomes his best friend, accompanying him in every adventure.

One piece

Among the most sought-after titles is the One Piece, where Monkey D.Luffy wishes to become the next pirate king in the world.

That way, you can have a team of your own, and certainly several emotions along that path. 


Certainly even for those who are not a fan assiduous of anime, at some point have heard of Naruto.

A teenager who has incredible stories involving a nine-tailed Fox inside due to a demon who attacked him as a child.

Even so, this fact does not take away the desire to be the leader of your village, to possess respect and evolution.

Of course until then, he will have to face many battles to conquer his goal of being the most remarkable of all.

Overhead gear

Focused on a young man who doesn’t have his parents named Ikki.

Becomes a lover of a new sport, Air Treck.

So a family with four sisters end up creating a group to practice the sport.

However, everything gets complicated as you learn various tricks and fights to become the best of that sport in your city.

Finally, these are some options for anime fanatics that Pluto TV makes available to find within the platform.

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In addition to these, it has a wide variety.

Find your favorite category and enjoy each episode.

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