Looking for apps pregnancy tracking apps? Check out the best

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Want more special phase than this?  To generate a life within us for sure a unique experience. Check out the most used pregnancy tracking apps in 2022

Thus, of course during pregnancy we want to know every detail of what goes on inside our body and with the expected baby.

Better yet, when all this comes in a fun and practical way right from your mobile.

Thinking about it, know the applications that will give you in addition to super useful information, tips, images and videos, which will surely take some questions and make your life easier throughout this wonderful process.

To choose your ideal app, we list the most used ones during this year 2022.

Simply put the data always requested, among the most important is for example, the date of the last menstruation.

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After that, the app will already position you with information about the process that is going on and about the baby according to each week of pregnancy.

Daily the app can grant new information and the user can take some questions they have throughout the process.

Check out some important information the app should have.

1 Contraction timer: with it you can monitor contractions, counting the time between them. 
2 Multifunctions : for example, scheduling appointments and exams, tips on pregnancy and image of the development of the fetus.
3 Deal with known language.
4 Confirm that the app is really free.

Contraction counter

Available on the Google Play Store and App Store, the Contraction Counter is ideal for knowing the interval time between one contraction and another.

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That way, know the right time to run to the hospital.

In addition, the app shows you all the summary of records made during the 9 months of pregnancy.

WeMoms- Advice from mothers – Pregnancy and Maternity.

In a different way from other app’s, WeMomns works as a kind of social network.

Looking for apps to track pregnancy? Check out the best
Looking for apps pregnancy tracking apps? Check out the best

Where several women and mothers around the world share information and ask some questions.

It contains various subjects.

For example, episiotomy, types of childbirth, seasickness, baby trousseau among several others.

Available for Android and iPhone (iOS) users.

Pregnancy & Pregnancy per week

The app aims to help you in one of the most important parts during the process, Mom’s Food.

However, in addition to basic information, the app offers tips from nutritionists such as nutrition and some foods that may or may not be indicated during pregnancy.

Thus, in addition to creating the healthiest eating routine for you and the baby, you can also control weight gain.

Containing several functions, such as regressive day counter, contractions, list of important tasks and suggestions of physical activities.

Available for free for Android and iPhone (iOS) users.

Hello Belly: Pregnancy Tracker

Unlike other apps, Hello Baby doesn’t have elaborate medical information.

However, it contains more than 400 important tips provided in a playful way about the development of the fetus and each stage of pregnancy.

With this, differentiating from the rest, gives you tips in an easy and fun way.

Gold fact is that in addition to tips for body care, the app provides information for mind care.

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