How to get a Satellite view of your City using Google Earth

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Have you wondered how your city looks like from above? See how to get a view of your city using Google Earth.

In the past, if you wanted to go somewhere or know an address, you had to get a map or check it out in phone books.

However, after years of development and technology improvement, we started to have access to locations more easily.

That is thanks to apps and resources such as Google Maps, for example.

Such engines help people get to places and see their houses, cities and even countries from any angle they want.

So, do you know how to get a satellite view of your city?

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That is what we are going to show you by using a free and very known tool called Google Earth.

What is Google Earth

Google Earth is a computer program which provides 3D images of Earth.

The representations offered by the engine are based on satellite images.

The web page has Planet Earth in a 3D form, a globe, which you can move in many angles.

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Through Google Earth, users can see cities, landscapes, houses and even other planets.

The program can also be downloaded into your cellphone or tablet.

This way you can access places from wherever you are.

How to get a Satelite view of your City using Google Earth
How to get a Satellite view of your City using Google Earth

In addition, you can have access to a feature called “street view”, which allows you to see satellite pictures of places.

As a result, by using Google Earth, you can take tours, visit places around the world and much more.

Below we will teach you how to get a satellite view of your city using Google Earth.

How to Use Google Earth

In order to have access to any image provided by Google Earth, you have to access its website or download the app into your phone.

After that, you will see an image of a Globe and some options such as:

Research for addresses, cities and countries

Galaxy view

Street view

So, to see your city using Google Earth you have to:

1. Open the website.

2. After that, you need to select the research symbol on the left side of the screen.

3. Once finished this step, you have to type the name of your city or address.

4. Then, the globe will zoom in and the map of your city will be highlighted and it will be possible to see the neighborhoods and buildings.

Now, if you want an even more realistic experience, after researching for your city, you can use the “Street View” feature.

It is very simple, you just have to select the “pegman”, which is a little man positioned on the bottom right of the website.

After identifying it, you just have to click on it and drag the doll to the place you want to see.

The program will zoom in even more and you will have access to street pictures, you can even “take a walk” on them.

Easy, right?

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So, next time you want to take a look at your city or any other place in the world, Google Earth can help you.

You just have to access its website or download the app.

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