Make Up Simulator: The L’oréal Paris Virtual Try On

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Every woman is beautiful, it doesn’t matter their skin Color, hair type, weight, length or any other characteristic. Meet the Make Up Simulator.

Throughout time, models of the perfect woman appeared and also changed.

Nowadays, women are much freer to choose how they want to look, what to dress and so on.

However, one thing that has always been present on women’s lives is makeup.

Regarding such topic, there are many ways of putting on makeup and each and every woman chooses the best way for her.

Some women love to put on makeup while others don’t, but getting to know more about it and how it works is always helpful.

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That is why, in this post, we will talk about a makeup simulator that will revolutionize your makeup shopping.

The L’oréal Paris Virtual Try On is the latest trend for anyone who wishes to buy makeup and wants to have an idea of how it would look beforehand.

Tips for the Perfect Makeup

Before getting to know more about this technological tool, it is interesting to check out some tips for the perfect makeup.

See the 7 steps for a flawless makeup below:

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1. Always start with a clean and hydrated skin: Prepping you skin will make life much easier.

2. Use Primer: The makeup Primer helps your skin to be even and prepared to receive the makeup.

3. Start with the eyes: Apply your eyes makeup before foundation that will prevent you from having to put on all your make up again if things go wrong.

4. Primer your lashes: Just like your skin, applying primer on your lashes before the mascara will boost the results.

5. Foundation before concealer: Always apply your foundation before your concealer, this way you will have a more even look.

6. Add some color: You can do that by applying a bronzer, blush and highlighters.

7. Time for the lips: You can highline your lips or just apply your favorite lipstick or lip gloss.

The L’oréal Paris Virtual Try On

Now that you know how to have a perfect makeup for any occasion, nothing better than trying products before buying them.

That is what the L’oréal Paris Virtual Try On offers their clients.

The website is very simple to use and so is the step by step.

First, we should know that there isn’t a specific app for the simulator, it can be found in the L’oréal Paris website.

Make Up Simulator: The L’oréal Paris Virtual Try On
Make Up Simulator: The L’oréal Paris Virtual Try On

So, after accessing the website, the user has many options of products, from makeup to hair.

The first step is to select the product you would like to buy.

After that, under the product picture, you will see the “Try On” option.

Once you click on it, you will have two options “Live Try On” or the possibility of uploading a selfie.

As soon as you choose which option you prefer, the product chosen will be applied you your face and you will be able to see how it would look.

Finally, you see if it fits and you shop for the items you consider best for you.

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So, if you liked this awesome new tool, don’t waste time and visit L’oréal’s webpage.

This way you will be even more certain about the best choice for you.

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