Measure blood pressure using your cellphone

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If you’ve never heard of it, we’re here to introduce you to some apps that have the purpose of measure blood pressure directly from your mobile phone.

With this, technology facilitates and practicality in the lives of those who suffer from pressure instability, being able to measure from anywhere that is simply just using your mobile phone.

Just press your finger fold the phone, and in a few seconds the result will be displayed directly by the application.

Hypertension unfortunately affects 30% of the adult population around the world.

So more than 1 billion people suffer daily from this disease.

For this reason, they need to be astowed because it is essential for diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment.

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It is also the main risk factor for other types of diseases.

For example, Cardiovascular, coronary heart disease and stroke, chronic kidney disease, heart failure, dementia and arrhythmia.

Health Monitor

Through the health monitor, Galaxy Watch Active 2 users can measure their blood pressure.

This, thanks to the watch that does all the analysis of the pulse wave by means of a built-in sensor.

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Thus, being able to verify the result based on changes in calibration and blood pressure.

The monitor also provides information on body temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygenation.

The app is only available to Android system users version 4.3 or higher thereby.


Also used for monitoring the user’s blood pressure, it can be used free of charge by the Android and iPhone (iOS) system.

Measure blood pressure by mobile phone
Measure blood pressure by mobile phone

It has easy-to-use interface, and pressure changes will be identified through graphs and statistics based on time and data provided.

Being able to record and track important data.

And since you’re doing, you use systolic and diastolic pressure at that particular moment.

In addition, the app also allows you to applicationtime, pulse pressure, beats and weight.

Being able to register and send them via e-mail.

Bpresso – Blood Pressure

Being able to measure blood pressure, the app monitors related activities such as medications, heart rate, exercise and user weight.

That way, you can monitor your frequency whenever and wherever you want.

The app has the option to create reminders to warn you of pressure measurement or remind you about any particular medication you have to take.

App only available to Android system users.

Blood pressure

An important factor of this app, is that the user can learn about hypertension , here will get important information for the treatment of hypertension.

A software assses pressure, analyzes all data, and sends accurate results.

Also applied only to Android system users, the app stores the information purchased directly from the database, so you can have access at any time.

If you prefer, you can export all your data as a PDF, CSV, or XML file.

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The app allows users to configure filters and choose the parameters they want to view.

It is important to remember that no type of application replaces the guidance of a specialist, so whenever possible, seek your trusted doctor.

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