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Often we want to dance and have fun, but we do not know and we are not able either financially, or for lack of time to do some kind of class with professionals right?

For this reason, we’ve come to introduce some apps that can help you with learning directly from the comfort of your home or wherever you are.

At your available time, and most importantly, without spending money.

Publicidade - OTZAds

Unlike exercises considered boring and tiring, dancing is an efficient and fun way to gain health and energy at any age.

The benefits are endless, improving mood, regularizing stress, filling us with energy and improving self-esteem.

Also, reducing anxiety levels and used as excellent therapy in combating depression.

In addition to all this, the benefits are visible in our figure, as bones are strengthened, and ais muscles defined.

Blood circulation is also activated and all this together makes our body more resilient and energetic.

Achieving an improvement in comprehensive health.

Publicidade - OTZAds

If you are interested in starting your dance classes today, continue on this post and see the variety of options you will find for free and for all kinds of taste.

For example, choose between tango, ballroom dancing, hiphop, salsa and others.

Learn Dance

More completely, Learn Dance helps you learn different dance styles from scratch.

Through videos, the walkthrough is explained in different genres.

Being able to have access to them as many times as you think it is necessary until you learn the suggested step.

Available on the Play Store completely free of charge, with options of flamenco dance genres, hiphop, salsa, bachata and others.

With this video option, step by step becomes personalized, with hundreds of tutorials made by accredited dancers available.

Application that can be used by the whole family, individual or collective, being able to share the whole dance routine.

Learn how to dance through the apps
Learn how to dance through the apps

One observation is that some of the dances are available in offline mode, i.e. when you don’t have internet access.

Dance Now

Considered number one 1 by its users, Dance Now allows you to dance alone, with friends or family, without limits for dancers.

It contains a large catalog of 50 songs in the free version.

But that number goes up to 500 songs available in the Pro version of the app.

From the mobile phone with any other desktop device, the platform can be paired.

The user has the option to create their personalized favorite music list.

Your download is free and the user will be able to see the number of calories you have already lost while dancing.

Often the app is updated and new music is added.

Hip Hop Dance

Being part of the selection of more urban songs, hip hop came to stay with its rebellious and captivating rhythm.

Even without experience, you can dance with the tips acquired by the app.

Because all choreographies are adapted for beginners.

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The user can count on high quality videos that are on YouTube.

With easy-to-learn steps, the app needs internet connection, free download and no ads.