The Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps

By Fabiano Moreno |


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Every time a pregnant woman goes to the doctor, she gets updates on the baby’s health and growth. See the best pregnancy tracker apps.

Now, imagine having apps which can help you keep track of such progress.

This is possible with pregnancy tracker apps, developed to help pregnant women have information at all times.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body changes a lot and that is why it is so important to always keep an eye on such changes.

Of course, an app does not replace the importance a doctor has throughout this process, but they can help.

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Bearing this in mind, we will show you the best pregnancy tracker apps in the market.

Some of them are free and others you have to subscribe.

But most importantly, you have to choose the one you feel related to and that is reliable.

WebMD Pregnancy

This app is for future moms who are looking for reliable medical information among other features.

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WebMD Pregnancy allows women to track their weight, their baby’s growth and kicks frequency, ect.

In addition, it is possible to upload checklists for future purchases you have to do for your baby.

The app also provides a space for you to upload your belly pictures and never miss a moment.

You can also log questions you would like to ask your doctor, so you don’t forget anything.

The app is available only for iOS users.

What To Expect Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

What to expect is one of the most complete pregnancy tracker apps available today.

This app updates you with exactly where you are in your pregnancy, considering your gestation period.

Besides, it provides weekly videos of your baby and how your body is changing and developing.

Not to mention the huge amount of information related to pregnancy which you have access in the app.

You can also find medical and nutrition tips, as well as exercises to make labor time easier and less painful.

You can find what to expect both for Android and iOS devices.

The Bump Pregnancy Countdown

What calls the attention in this app is the 3D image it provides of your baby.

This way, you can have a very realistic idea of how your baby looks like inside your belly.

Besides, you can get real-time answers for your questions from the Bump team and other moms, like in a social network.

On top of that, under the baby’s 3D image, you get comments on what is supposed and expected to happen in each month.

You can find this app only for iOS devices.

BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App

This app is certified by doctors’ opinions and considered one of the most accurate once the mother enters her due date on it.

In addition, you can upload pictures of your ultrasounds and the app will show you how to analyze it.

Another great feature is that once you deliver your baby, BabyCenter automatically changes into a parenting guide app.

This way, you will get help from the app to get through the first tough weeks.

The app is available for iOS devices.

Finally, now that you got to know more about these apps, don’t miss any moment of your pregnancy.

If you are not pregnant, show this to friends and family who you know would be interested about it.

Don’t waste time and check it out right now!

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