Learn to identify plants through applications.

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Currently this type of application to identify plants has been widely used by lovers of Botany.

Containing a number of giant encyclopedias, the fact of only using a few clicks on the mobile phone for the recognition of plants, has caught the attention of many people.

Information given interactively and fun can be used for gardening studies.

Some people do not like, but if you are a lover of nature and are interested in this type of subject continue in this post, and know some of the options that are being used more nowadays.


The app is among the most visited in the Play Store.

PlantNet was developed by a consortium formed by different groups.

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However, the intention of the group was to produce a useful tool capable of identifying any type of plant.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Functional for identifying plants through a simple photograph taken from your mobile phone.

It locates plants by geographical areas, but unfortunately contains some deformities when it comes and ornamental plants.

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In addition to this application identifying trees, it also identifies all types of flowers that are presented.

Becoming one of the most complete applications available, providing the name and also tips on how to grow them.

With PlantSnap the user will be able to study all types of plants as soon as they identify their name through image.

Learn to identify plants through applications.
Learn to identify plants through applications.

Highlighting information about the plant and creating your own collection.
In this way, it can interact with nature and learn at the same time.

Picture This

Instantly, the app can identify any type of nature plant, including flowers, trees, shrubs and more.

Just take a picture of it and the app does everything else, so you can always be sure about the correct name of a particular plant.

Picture This has more than 30 million users spread worldwide.

It contains gardening tips, and the user can create their own collection of personal plants.

Rated at 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Unknown Flora

We know that around the world there are infinite different trees and flowers, for this reason they become difficult to recognize.

So, with that in mind, Flora Incognita is there to help with this task in a few seconds.
App rated 3.9 out of 5 stars by the Play Store.

Becoming a great option to discover different tree and plant names just using a photograph.

Its portfolio contains more than 10,000 types of plants available, not counting ornamental plants.


Among one of the best applications, ArbolApp contains more than 140 tokens from different plantations.

That way, the user can learn all about the world of nature and start making their own forest in the backyard.

App was based on research certified by the Royal Botanical Garden of csic.

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Dictionaries with more than 80 herbal terms, more than 500 images and photographs allowing you to recognize each of the parts of a tree.

In this way, through illustration, the identification of new plants are made more easily.

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