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Every now and then a new trend comes up on some social media app. The latest one releases and which became popular among users was the face swap feature.

It consists in replacing your face with another person’s face in a picture.

This is made through apps that use face recognition technologies to identify people’s traces.

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The results for such pictures are hilarious and make a huge success when posted online.

If you haven’t heard of this before, it is high time for you to start being a part of this crazy trend.

On this post, we will make your life easier by showing you the best face swap apps to make your photos super fun.

The best part is that you can download them on your cellphone and take this idea wherever you go.


Cupace is a beautiful and simple photo editor program that includes a useful option called Paste Face.

This feature allows you to take someone’s face from a photo and paste it on top of another one’s face.

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So, if you want to face swap and even more, add a face to any object or person, this app is the one for you.

Cupace lets you cut an image from a picture and paste it on another picture, you can do this process with many different faces.

Also, you can zoom in your photos so you get the most accurate result possible.

The app is free and available for Android systems.

Top Face Swap Apps to Make your Photos Super Fun
Top Face Swap Apps to Make your Photos Super Fun

Face Swap App

This offering from “Brain Craft Ltd” appears to be ideal for quickly altering faces.

The ability to automatically recognize faces is probably the nicest feature, since it makes the work a lot easier for you.

In addition, if you want greater control, you may flip and edit faces.

Because of the manual control, it is a little easier to handle with group images than many other face-swapping apps.

The Face Swap App also offers a feature that helps you make skin colors even, this way people won’t even notice any difference.

Even better, the app is fully connected with Facebook, allowing you to share your results on this social media platform.

The app is available for iOS systems.


Reface is one of the apps that allows you to change your face.

You can choose a famous person and put them in your face.

Aside from that, the platform provides you with a number of videos featuring celebrities and characters from well-known television shows.

For instance, Game of Thrones and Friends, among others.

Several Marvel and DC films, as well as some blockbusters like Star Wars, are included.

As if it were a swap, the software replaces your face with one taken while moving.

According to some users, while the app is free, it has a large number of notifications.

Occasionally, obstructing a good edition.

Reface is available for iOS and Android.

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If you are looking for a way to make your picture and posts even funnier, these apps are right for you.

Once you download them, it will be super simple to use and share your face swap results with your friends and family.