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With the advance of technology, it has become easier to trace routes and trajectories. Here’s how to do it via satellite.

Thanks to satellite location applications in real time, we can have access to various information.

All this, via cell phone and in an easy and fast way.

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The localization works using a global network of GPS satellites and the internet.

In this way, the network can be identified through Wi-Fi technology integrated into smartphones.

As well as, computers or even in the smartwatches that are common nowadays.

So if you need to travel or even plot a route you have never done before, a real-time satellite tracking app can be a great ally and make your life easier.

We have separated some options to make your life easier; see more.

Google Earth

One of the most used on the planet is Google Earth.

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The app allows access to various geographic information of the Earth from several different angles without having to leave the comfort of your couch at home.

It has real-time satellite images of terrain, streets, places, buildings, and live 3D businesses from various places on the planet.

In addition, the app has a lot of information on many different topics. For example, viewing the world in a totally different way than usual.

With Voyager, collection of guided tours of NASA, BBC, National Geographic among other places.

Learn how to see your city via satellite
Learn how to see your city via satellite

Available for Android, iPhone (iOS) and Chrome users for free.


With over 100 million users worldwide, Waze is among the most comprehensive real-time satellite location apps.

This is because once the location is active, the app will show all the details about the traffic.

Or even any route that has some kind of roadblock or traffic jam on the road.

In this way it recalculates routes and helps the driver to get out of a possible traffic jam.

The app offers notifications about police, driving, and nearby speed cameras.

In addition, it provides important information such as gas stations located in that region.

Waze has an audio player that allows the user to make use of music or podcasts to listen to during their trip.

Available for free for Android and iPhone (iOS) users.

Google Maps

Google Maps is another option to be added to the list of real-time location via Satellite.

Its map bank has over 220 countries and millions of businesses and locations displayed on the map.

For example, this list includes parks, restaurants, hotels and convenience stores,

as well as markets, public transport stations and numerous other establishments.

On the lookout, Google Maps provides useful information such as local activities, real-time public transport and possible congestion.

To create a route, simply drive from point A to point B and enter the vehicle that will be used.

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For example, car, bicycle, motorcycle, or public transport.

The app will automatically show the estimated time of arrival and all the mileage that will be covered until you reach your destination.