Help your kids learn English with the LingoKids app

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If you are having trouble helping your child learn to speak English, the LingoKids application can make your life easier.

In a fun way, parents and children find in app stores, several options to learn to speak English.

In this sense among the most indicated is the and the App LongoKids as a safe online experience.

That way, you will find a course to learn to speak English in a simple and easy way.

The app has activities adapted and planned to teach children between the ages of 2 and 8.

To access this app is very simple, just download it to any type of Android device, be it tablet or mobile.

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After that, you’ll need to register with an email.

In this part, it is necessary to inform the child’s age and the learning level he or she is at.

For example: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

When you add the information, the platform will automatically adapt to your needs.

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Of course, since the focus of this application is on children in general, it has a nice, fun and comfortable interface exclusively for them.

Adapting to every need of your little one, a lot of variety making learning much easier and more engaging.

In addition, the app is full of animations, colors, fun audios, and enjoyable tasks that are associated with the children’s daily activities.

As well as, it includes a list of activities according to the student level with various educational games.

As a focus, a different theme every week, not to become monotonous the learning mode.

Therefore, each week the theme is programmed between videos, music, games and other things.

Help your kids learn English with the LingoKids app
Help your kids learn English with the LingoKids app

As learning evolves, the difficulty is added, at grammatical levels, some of which even contain a mini evaluation.

Playlearning method

The LingoKids app was developed by experts in early language teaching, literacy development, child psychology, vocabulary and educational technology.

He came to the conclusion that, for children, the easiest way to learn is through play, and was certified by Oxford University Press.

As studies have revealed, children have a greater difficulty in learning different languages the more exposed they are.

So, making them more comfortable, the learning process becomes a plus point.
Some of the main advantages are:

  • Children are motivated to learn day after day.
  • With recreational activities children are stimulated while promoting concentration on what they are doing.
  • With games, the children’s interest is kept up, and with this, less importance is attached to mistakes, thus stimulating the imagination. It also creates an incredible feeling of being in the middle of a fascinating adventure.

The English alphabet is composed of 26 letters, each of which is associated with at least one sound. But some may contain more than one associated sound.

Easy to learn, the child will have access to pictures with consonants or vowels in upper and lower case letters.

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These images are accompanied by an animated picture whose name begins with the letter indicated.

In addition, the child can access the audio to the sound and listen to it as many times as it takes to learn.

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