Learn how to drive with free courses through apps

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If you want to learn how to drive, here are some applications that teach you how to drive right from your cell phone.

First of all, for some people driving is very easy, fun, and exciting. For others, the difficulty is enormous.

We know that the auto school has all the practical training on the direction of a car.
But we have other good alternatives to prepare for it.

So apps for taking free driving courses is what these people who have this certain difficulty need to have on their mobile device.

It is notorious that there is no comparison to a steering wheel of a real-life car, with a virtual mode.

But with this tool in hand the user can acquire a certain basic knowledge about parking, traffic rules, and a little more about the various road signs that exist.

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If driving for you is not something you do easily, the apps for driving courses are there to give you the support you need.

In this post we will give you some options of applications that can help you in some way.

Car driving simulator

With this car driving simulator tool, you have at hand an innovative way to virtually simulate a car.

Very complete and realistic application, testing everything you can know about driving a car.

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With mandatory procedures the app contains all regulation governing terrestrial traffic in the world.

Learn how to drive with free courses through apps
Learn how to drive with free courses through apps

While you play, you learn to deal with other drivers.

Parking Mania 2

Among the most popular in parking game has as function to help understand all the dynamics and physics of parallel and reverse parking.

Of course, this is one of several common problems that new drivers face on a day-to-day life.

With reverse parking, they don’t have much to know of the angle at which the car turns.

So every time the person touches some obstacle, he loses points.

The focus is to park in that garage, navigate trafic to be able to park on the side, parallel or take you to the parking space.

App contains several missions and the user will be able to unlock more with buy in it.

Containing simple interface and sharp graphics, making it easy to drive the vehicle.

Even though it’s a game, Parking Mania helps you understand the importance of angles and find the right parking spot.

Every Test

Being downloaded for free todo test also works offline, that is without the need for internet.

The driver receives a certificate easily and quickly.

The tests are applied in several different places from the Manual Guide it has.

DMV Permission Practice Test

To get a license to drive, you need to pass a practical test and also a written test on all the knowledge you have about traffic rules, signs and driving safety.

Therefore, very important information for beginners.

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The DMV carries out the test and it is best that the person is familiar with local laws.

In this way the user can select some questions and tests based on the state that resides.

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