See how to learn Muay Thai without leaving home

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Get to know the best applications that teach you how to fight Muay Thai right from your cell phone, without leaving home.

If you appreciate this type of struggle, and are willing to arrest, do so directly from the comfort of your home, without any need to attend a specialized Training Center.

Muay Thai also known as Thai boxing, is one of the most used martial arts techniques in mixed fights.

Very indicated for weight loss, thus improving your physical, mental, and physical fitness, thereby significantly increasing your levels of self-confidence.

People who practice this type of struggle are known as “nak muay”.

If your intention is to practice a sport with doses of adrenaline, Muay Thai is an excellent choice.

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That’s because it is a contact sport, and done with intensity, requires perseverance and a lot of discipline.

The technique can be practiced either by beginners or people with more advanced levels.

Being a man or a woman, you can practice it with complete safety.

Although its techniques are harsh, it does not offer extreme risk being practiced correctly.

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Toning, strength, endurance and relaxation are some benefits offered to the body.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to some available apps to download on your mobile device.

That way, you can start training Muay Thai today.

With it, prepare your body and mind for high performance exercises and thereby reach mental and physical limits.

Muay Thai Fitness

App offers tools to learn how to train MMA techniques and greatly improve your physical and mental conditioning.

See how to learn Muay Thai without leaving home
See how to learn Muay Thai without leaving home

With all the information necessary for the user to achieve all their goals.

The sport has different types of strikes, such as punches, jumps, kicks, and knee and elbow strikes.

To learn how to fight Muay Thai, it is necessary to learn and know these strikes.

Coordination and exercise have helped you to be more flexible and thus able to perform all these movements easily.

With the help of this app the beginner will find basic techniques to get started.

Several items are required for this, such as a training plan for both beginners and advanced.

Control of the training routine and table to have weight control.

The app has location for important reminders, personal trainer, plans to increase muscle mass.

In addition the techniques are all in 3D videos and animations.

Muay Thai Fitness was developed by several leaders specializing in the field. The app offer the advantage of having all this information to train from wherever you are.

Fighting trainer

With more than 1000 downloads in Play Store, the is one of the most used martial arts apps for free.

In the app, the user has access to training and nutrition plans. These options make it as easy as possible to perform in the shortest possible time.

Once you download it you will have access to real martial arts training moves on your device.

In addition, the app features more than 90 techniques used by top MMA professionals.

All moves are represented in 3D videos by martial arts professionals.

Allowing visualization of how to perform each move in detail by rotating the image.

Another function is the intuitive control for playback of the most complex movements, in slow motion.

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It has timer so you can track how long it is taking to practice each suggested move.

Fightng Trainer teaches you how to kick, punch and follow the whole step by step helps you increase your physical endurance, improving your health quickly and notoriously.

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