Meet some apps to listen baby’s heartbeat at home

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Tell me which pregnant woman wouldn’t want to have a portable ultrasound device at home and be able to feel the thrill of hearing her baby’s heartbeat still inside her womb at any time?

Well, know that thanks to technological advances, this is now not only a privilege of professional use.

The truth is that we can have on our mobile device, apps that allow us to hear the baby’s heartbeat anywhere.

We know that this is a magical phase, bringing anxiety and incredible experiences to both dads, family and all friends.

Of course apps will never replace a doctor’s appointment, so don’t hesitate to seek out your trusted doctor and do all your prenatal care correctly.

As this is critical for monitoring and good development of the baby and in the same way of mom’s health.

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We listed in this post some of the most used apps that lets you hear your baby’s heartbeat still inside your uterus simply.

My Baby’s Beat

Available only to users of the iPhone (iOS) system, with My Baby’s Beat the user will be able to listen the baby’s heartbeat.

And also, record the sound of in a simple way, just using the iPhone microphone.

Launched in 2011, My Baby’s Beat became the first available prenatal listener app in the world. Allowing for an amazing connection experience between you and your baby.

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Meet some apps to listen baby's Heartbeat at home
Meet some apps to listen baby’s heartbeat at home

Remembering that proper functioning depends exclusively on the position in which the child is and with extreme noise, like other non-medical devices, the result may not be 100%.

For a better result, use it after the arrival of 30 weeks.

It is not a medical device and is also not reviewed by the FDA.

In this way, it should never be replaced by a medical consultation.


App to listen to the baby’s heart, Bellabeat includes a heart rate monitor to use on babies still in the mother’s womb.

Keeping up with his heartbeat and all his progress.

Having information about the weight and still amount of kicks that mom receives during the entire period of pregnancy.

Bellabeat has the accompaniment of how mom’s mood walks, and with this identifies some patterns as signs of a possible depression.

However the app sends notifications to encourage the search for a specialist doctor.

In addition, the user can be part of a social community where mothers can exchange their experiences and interact with each other on varied subjects.

Baby Heartbeat

Allowing future dads to keep track of your baby’s heartbeat still in the womb from anywhere they are.

Saving the recordings, the app saves both audio and a fetal heartbeat graph to be able to share on your social networks, thrilling your family and great friends.

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However, to use the available functions, the user needs the help of a fetal Doppler device.

Available to Android operating system users.

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