How to Hear Your Baby’s Heartbeat with the Best Apps

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Being pregnant is a gift for many women, that is why we will show you how to listen to your baby’s heartbeat with the best apps available.

The bond between mother and child is super strong and hearing their baby’s heartbeat becomes a very special moment.

Usually, a baby’s heartbeat can be detected as early as 5 1/2 to 6 weeks after gestation.

This way, depending on when the first ultrasound is performed, it is already possible to hear to that so awaited beat.

However, some parents would like to have that sound recorded or even hear it more times than just when they go to the doctor.

So, bearing this in mind, designers developed apps that allow upcoming parents to hear their baby’s heartbeat whenever they want.

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It is important to highlight that such apps are not 100% accurate and sometimes can work only for fun purposes.

On the other hand, some apps, depending on the gestation period, can provide a clear sound close to what you expect to hear at an ultrasound.

Below we will demonstrate how to listen to your baby’s heartbeat with the best apps on the market.

Womb Beats

When you go to your monthly OB appointment, the Womb Beats app is utilized to capture your baby’s heartbeat.

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You can use the app to capture a strong baby heartbeat once the doctor has identified it.

In addition, the software gives the date recorded and the gestational week when you save the heartbeat.

It is important to remember that you have to ask for your doctor’s permission before making the recording.

How to Hear Your Baby’s Heartbeat with the Best Apps
How to Hear Your Baby’s Heartbeat with the Best Apps

After the recording, you can choose a music style and the app will sync it to the baby’s heartbeat.

As a result, you will get a song made by the sound of your womb played in the rhythm you chose.

Womb beats is free and available only for iOS devices.

Baby Heartbeat Listener

This app is available only for Android users and is also free.

With the heartbeat Listener, it is possible for the mom to hear, record, replay, and share her baby’s beats.

In order to catch the heartbeat, you need to have a headphone.

So, to make this app function, you plug in the headphones, which will work as a type of stethoscope.

After that, the person has to put his or her phone microphone on the woman’s belly to hear the heartbeat.

Finally, when you start hearing the sound, you press the record button.

Baby Heartbeat Monitor

In order to make this app monitor your baby’s heartbeat, you will only need your phone and the app.

If you have a protective cover on your cellphone, we recommend you remove it to have a better experience.

To start recording, you just place the device under the woman’s belly and press start recording.

In the free mode, you are able to record for about 10 seconds, but after subscribing, it is possible to have longer recordings.

The Baby Heartbeat Monitor app is available for Android systems and is free to download.

To sum up, it is important to remember that these apps are not 100% accurate and are mostly for fun.

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However, they can provide you and your family pleasuring moments together while expecting your baby.

Don’t waste time and download the one you consider the best suited for you.

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