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By Fabiano Moreno |

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See the best free remote control Apps applications to use directly on your cell phone and change the channels of your TV.

Has it ever happened to simply control your TV stop?

Whether it’s lack of a battery or because it’s really fallen and broken.

So it’s always helpful to have a free remote control apps available on your mobile device.

Most of these apps that are in digital stores are made for Smart TVs and handsets from different manufacturers.

In this sense, they are known as “universal control“.

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However, some brands have their app specific and produced by the manufacturer itself, ie will have full compatibility with the device.

These apps can be more useful than you think in your day-to-day life, as it will make your searches easier because they use your mobile keyboard.

Some of the app’s of this type, offer options of extra buttons.

Now to choose this remote control app in the best way, you need to look at some important information.

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First if this app is really available for your smartphone’s operating system, whether it’s for your device’s brand and compatibility.

Most are already available to users of the Android and iPhone (iOS) operating system.

TV Remote Control – Download

App is an option for people who have smartphone with infrared, because it is the connectivity required to work.

It contains simple interface and the user can use it without any kind of problem, both for TV sets, such as sound bar, home theater, decoder, air-conditioning, DVD and blueray.

Compatible with devices such as popular brands of Smart TV such as Samsung, LG, Philips, TCL and others.

Available in the English language, and free of charge, but has purchases within it.

SURE – Download

Now if that’s the case, and you don’t have an infrared smartphone, SURE is the best option.

Because it also offers Wi-Fi connectivity.

Being compatible with other types of devices such as AV receivers, air-conditioning, CD, DVD Player, projector and LED lights.

Free, but offering purchases within it.

Available to users of the Android 5.0 operating system or above, and iPhone (iOS) 10.0 or later.

ZaZa Remote – Download

Being compatible with devices of more than 6000 brands, ZaZa is a great option for using various devices.

But it only works with infrared, so the smartphone needs to have this feature.

Available for users of the Android operating system and iPhone (iOS), the with the use of the app the user controls not only the TV, such as CD, DVD Player, Projector, air conditioning, lamps, fan, signal decoders, SLR cameras, switch and even sound box.

It has easy interface, and simple to understand the basic controls of use.

Universal TV Remote Control – Download

Working on most Smart TV brands like LG, Philips, Panasonic and Samsung.

Becoming a good option for Wi-Fi remote control application, as not all smartphones have infrared function.

It works like a real remote control, with on and off buttons, or increase volume and switch tv channels.

On the other hand, this app features video functions like pausing, forwarding or rewinding.

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