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See the best applications that allow you to find out the genre of your baby while still in the womb.

First, we know that when we find out that we are expecting a baby, our anxiety, fears, joys, and all other feelings become the flower of the skin.

Among the most frequent doubts and anxieties is because we have to wait approximately 18 weeks to know if we are expecting a girl or a boy.

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Currently there are some ways to try to soften this feeling of anxiety.

One of them is taking an examination called Fetal Sexing.

The test identify the sex of the baby through the analysis of maternal blood from the 8 week of gestation. But the more weeks the fetus is, the greater the effectiveness of the result.

In this examination, the search is done for fragments of the Y chromosome, which is present in males.

This curiosity will cost you a value. It can range from R $ 260.00 to R $ 850.00 depending on the state in which you are.

Other ways to find out the sex of the baby is through apps.

Publicidade - OTZAds

Of course with all the technological advances, we have access to infinite types of applications, such as changing color and haircut, slimming, exercises, shoe proof, makeup etc.

In this sense, this factor could not be left out.

We listed in this post, some of the most used apps to know the sex of the baby, of course no online test replaces the result of a medical report, so have on your prenatal days with your trusted doctor, this is extremely important for the monitoring and development of the whole pregnancy.

Babycenter- Baby genre Calculator

Among the most popularly used is the Babycenter.

More than 400 million mothers and fathers who have already had access to this app.

In Brazil, since 2008 the platform is the most used to monitor pregnancy and the entire development of the baby.

Therefore, the app contains tips, useful information such as food, suggestions on how to deal in the best way with seasickness, various health contentapproved by medical advice.

Besides pregnancy calculator, name research, interactive illustrations of fetal development.


The famous Pampers brand also has its tool to find out what will be the sex of your expected baby.

If you can no longer wait for this moment, just download this app and fill out a simple questionnaire.

Questions such as questions about morning sickness, cravings about souror or sweet foods, and also whether the baby’s heartbeatis faster or slower than 140bpm will indicate your gender.

Boy or Girl Calculator

This app is differentiated as it is all based on the Chinese pregnancy table.

Thus, ensuring the discovery of the sex of the baby through the age of the mother and the date of its conception.

To get the long-awaited result just fill in these two informations and click calculate.

As an online calculator, the app has the Chinese belief that performs the crossing of values about the mother’s lunar age and the lunar month in which the baby was generated.

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Thus, stating the sex of the fetus still in the mother’s womb.

Finally, always remembering that this result can only be guaranteed through your prenatal exams.

Only your doctor can give you 100% guarantee about sex.